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minimal windows adaptations
Keller minimal windows® sliding doors have been designed to offer designers and architects bespoke, modern sliding glass doors suitable for their contemporary design project. The thin framed sliding doors have inherent design options to offer the greatest flexibility in design of any sliding system. Do you want a fully open aperture but don’t want the chunky frames of aluminium bifold doors? Want to use these slim framed sliding doors to a Juliette Balcony and retain the frameless glass face? Do you want invisible sliding doors that can be completely hidden in cavity’s when fully open?



Pocket door with open corner? The sliding glass doors can open away from a corner connection and then slide away into hidden cavity pockets within the walls for an invisible, disappearing sliding door.   External Sliding Panels If you don’t have space within a wall to have a cavity pocket door we can design the sliding panels to slide over the internal or external face of a solid wall… Read More


IQ Glass | Minimal Windows | Opening Corners

Any angle connection We can design the sliding doors to slide away from nearly any angled connection for greater freedom when designing with these slim framed sliding doors.   Slim connection frame The double frame where the panels meet at a corner junction leaves a neat, square framing profile that when closed is of less than 10cm… Read More


Frameless Juliet Balcony minimal windows on all floors Upper floors and balconies can still benefit from the clear, frameless appearance of the minimal windows sliding glass door system.   Integrated Balustrades Skilfully integrating a frameless glass balustrade within the base track of the sliding glass doors, hiding all fixings & support minimally within the aluminium frame, you can create an entirely frameless Juliette Balcony… Read More


frameless juliet balcony

Insect Screens

In the summer months, insects can prevent you from enjoying your indoor-outdoor living spaces. However, minimal windows® can provide the perfect solution allowing you to enjoy your summer evenings with a range of almost-invisible insect screens.

Integrated Balustrades

These insect screens feature durable, weather-resistant barriers for the perfect integration with your existing minimal windows® sliding glass doors. Our fly screens can be installed with…Read More