Insect Screens

Fly Screens for Insect Protection

In the summer months, insects can prevent you from enjoying your indoor outdoor living spaces. However, minimal windows® can provide the perfect solution allowing you to enjoy your summer evenings with a range of almost-invisible insect screens. These insect screens feature durable, weather-resistant barriers for the perfect integration with your existing minimal windows® sliding glass doors. Our fly screens can be installed with a sliding clamp frame with a low mounting depth, helping to keep the slim frame aesthetic of your doors. Most insect screens used on windows and doors are non-transparent, meaning you lose views of your outdoor areas. The fabric used to create our insect screens is highly transparent, achieving the ideal almost-invisible screen between the indoors and outdoors, meaning you are able to enjoy the view.

Tailor Made Insect Screens

Our insect screens are tailor-made, meaning we can provide your home with screens that are made especially for your minimal windows®. You are able to choose from a range of fabrics as well as deciding on the screen colour that can be matched to the colour of your doors. The frames used on the insect screens can be matched perfectly to the style of your structure, allowing full use of all windows and doors. This range of insect screens can be made with clamping frames, hinged frames, swing doors, roller blinds for windows and doors, sliding systems, light well covers and can be made from a variety of fabrics.

Hidden Pocket Doors

KELLER minimal windows® can be made into hidden pocket doors. Hidden pocket doors can be opened into a wall to create a completely open wall. Using these doors provides a home with more space. When these sliding doors are closed, they still maintain their slim 21mm framing profile. Find out more about Hidden Pocket Doors. Read more about Hidden Pocket Doors

Open Corner Sliding Doors

Adding a frameless glass balustrade to minimal windows® sliding glass doors on the upper level of your home can create a Juliet balcony. This allows you to use your sliding glass doors on higher levels of your home safely. Find out more about Frameless Juliet Balconies.