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Minimally framed doors to a Contemporary Garden Home Office

minimal windows to a home office garden

Home offices don’t have to be drab, dingy and cramped! Creating a contemporary garden room with minimally framed sliding glass doors is a solution very much on the increase.

With more people than ever working from home, (3.5 million) it’s becoming increasingly important to add a smart, efficient workspace to our properties. No longer is it sufficient to use a corner of the living room. Anyone who works at a professional level needs a dedicated office. And if there isn’t a suitable room within the home, then why not create one outside?

Contemporary garden home offices meet these needs. The garden rooms are designed for all-year-round use, being well-insulated, and with extensive glazing options available, such as large minimal frame sliding glass doors, you can maximise the daylight for a more efficient productivity.

contemporary garden office

A big benefit for home-workers is the geographical and psychological separation from the house – no matter how close it is. It helps create a complete distinction between work and home in a calm and tranquil surrounding. Minimally framed doors enable a minimal break between the internal of the garden room and the surrounding garden; a 21mm vertical frame finish means that even when closed the sliding glass doors allow a full floor to ceiling glass wall looking out onto the surrounding gardens.

Changes made to the planning rules last year mean it’s now much easier to install garden offices without applying for planning permission since they can be constructed under a property’s permitted development rights. A garden office is comparatively less expensive than building a house extension, and a smart, well-finished workspace is likely to add to a property’s value as the growing trend for home-working rises.

contemporary garden rooms

Minimal windows have been used on numerous contemporary home offices in gardens, providing the all-important separate space for work using large minimal framed sliding glass doors at the forefront of the design.

Are you interested in using the minimal windows® system? Visit our contact page to get in touch with our UK partners for a quotation and specification advice.

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