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Keller minimal windows® in Barn Conversions

converting a barn using minimal windows

When converting barns or old agricultural buildings into residential homes proportions of the building are often slightly different to traditional home designs.

Door openings are normally larger to allow farm goods and machines to be brought in and out of the building, ceilings are often higher and the internal space is very open with no fixed walls internally.

A change in legislation in 2014 actually made it easier to change an old agricultural building to a residential use building. Any change to these traditional farm buildings can, in most cases, be covered by the Permitted Development Scheme.

Now developers and homeowners are taking advantage of this ease in planning restrictions and turning disused farm buildings into residential homes of up to 3 units.

Design Option

KELLER minimal windows® sliding doors are perfect to fill either large elevations of a converted barn or fill old cart door openings with insulated sliding glass doors, able to fill the entire opening. With the KELLER minimal windows® 4+ sliding glass doors available in sliding panels of up to 12m2 and 4.5m high they can create entire walls of moving glass even with the higher ceiling heights common in barn conversions.

If required these large sliding glass doors can be designed to slide over the internal or external face of the barn walls to allow a completely open cart door aperture. This can create a dramatic appearance to the barn conversion design, creating large moving elements of frameless glass.

To find out more about Keller minimal windows®, contact a member of the team who will be able to provide you with further technical information and a product information sheet.

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