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Using minimal windows® by pools

internal or external pools are the epitome of luxury lifestyles

Architectural designs around these designer-living additions tend to be contemporary in style but the design also has to take into account its environment close to a residential pool area.

KELLER minimal windows are used regularly by designers to the rear of properties leading onto an external pool, as sliding glass doors to pool houses, internally to separate a pool climate with the homes or as minimally framed sliding glass walls surrounding internal pools.

minimally framed sliding glass doors

Slim Aluminium Framing

KELLER minimal windows sliding glass doors allow any internal pool to merge effortlessly with the outside, and the sliding glass walls can then be slid open in warmer months to create the illusion of and external pool area.

When using the KELLER minimal windows as sliding rear patio patio doors leading to an external pool their flush threshold track is an excellent design aspect. The shallow, flush base tracks are comfortable to walk over in bar feet giving easy access to any external pool areas.

Design consideration: Stopping Condensation Build Up

All number of modern, electrical glass solutions can be integrated into the KELLER minimal windows framing to ensure the performance required.

Heated Glass is a popular option for sliding glass doors surrounding pool areas. An electrically constructive coating is applied to the internal of the glass construction, when an electrical current is passed through the internal coating it creates a radiant heat that warms the top surface of the glass.

This is a great option for pool designs as no condensation can build up on the warm glass surfaces.

See below for some image inspiration or visit our Pinterest Gallery: KELLER minimal windows by pools

Contact IQ Glass UK for more information about installing minimal windows® on contemporary design projects within the UK.

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