minimal windows® and rooflights

slim framed sliding glass doors mixed with a frameless rooflight design

Many new extension designs include rooflights, whether the roof design is pitched or flat. Frameless structural glass rooflights can be installed onto upstands within a solid roof structure to create an internally frameless rooflight. Using multiple single pane rooflights is an excellent way to spread natural light throughout the extension space.

rooflight options

Another roof light option often used in conjunction with slim framed sliding glass doors is a strip roof light, normally used further back into the depth of an extension or where the extension meets the original building for a clear break in material.

Here multiple units of structural glass are silicone jointed together to create a long thin ‘strip’ of glass within the roof. Keller minimal windows® are then used to create large glass elevations and great views out with the strip roof light allowing light to enter deeper into the room. Although current design trends for extensions opt for a solid flat roof with smaller glass roof lights installed within, larger glass roof designs can be used with internal structural supports such as a glass beam or a steel section to support the glass joints for a full glass box design.

minimal windows latest updates
Cranley Gardens - Keller minimal windows®

design consideration

If you are thinking of having a glass roof directly connecting to an elevation of minimal windows® you will require a steel support above the sliding doors to support the weight of the glass. IQ Glass, the UK’s sole glazier and installer of Keller minimal windows®, will be able to detail and design this as part of the whole glazing package.

To find out more about Keller minimal windows, contact a member of the team who will be able to provide you with further technical information and a product information sheet.

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