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Modernising Barn Conversions with minimal windows®

Conversion of Agricultural Buildings to Residential Dwellings

Barn conversions are desirable projects to invest in with rural surroundings offering picturesque views. 

Gaining planning permission for a new build in a rural area is unlikely to get approved whereas, remodelling an existing barn is much more likely to be accepted, considering it isn’t a listed building or located within a conservation area. 

When planning to convert a barn it is important to get the relevant planning permission or to build within the permitted development regulations.

Converting an agricultural building into a residential dwelling involves altering the overall structure to create a liveable environment.

Barns were originally used as storage of farming equipment or livestock so most historical barns will lack lighting which is a necessity for modern-day living.  

Modern barn conversion with structural glass roof and sliding glass doors

Biophilic design is one of the most trending styles to date as it encourages a better way of living by incorporating the outdoors, indoors with natural lighting being at the forefront of biophilia.

Structural glazing will impact the design of a barn conversion drastically whilst still allowing the maintenance of the original features to take centre stage.  The minimal windows® premium sliding window and door system offer flush base details and almost frameless profiles which are not only used for contemporary buildings. 

The minimal look of the minimal windows® sliding glass doors are a perfect addition to traditional properties as they don’t take away from the character of the overall building as shown in these barn conversions below.

Modern barn conversion with sliding glass doors
Modern barn conversion with structural glass roof and sliding glass doors

IQ Glass UK installed this installation of KELLER minimal windows® slim framed sliding glass doors and are the sole installer for KELLER minimal windows® within the UK. Contact IQ Glass UK for more information about installing KELLER minimal windows® on contemporary design projects within the UK.

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