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minimal windows® 4+
Hurricane Resistance Testing

can your minimal windows® 4+ handle a hurricane?

minimal windows® 4+ have the same minimal design and detailing as minimal windows® but are larger, taller and more thermally efficient. Triple glazing is used for these sliding glass doors which provide a better thermal performance. Due to the large sizing and triple glazing of these sliding glass doors, they are tested for certain weather resistance that minimal windows® are not tested for. These tests include impact resistance and hurricane resistance.

Hurricane Resistance

A hurricane is a tropical storm that has taken a cyclonic form and has reached wind speeds of 74mph or higher. Strong hurricane windows can cause moderate to severe damage to any surrounding buildings and can also cause flooding in coastal areas. 

Testing windows and doors for hurricane resistance means making sure that they will be able to withstand strong winds as well as making sure that the doors are manufactured correctly to prevent any water leaking through the frames. Preventing a water leak means less damage to the home during a hurricane or coastal storm.

Although it isn’t very common for the UK to experience hurricanes, it is very wise to be fully prepared for severe storms. minimal windows® 4+ are tested for their wind resistance against wind pressures equal to that of a hurricane. Are you interested in using the minimal windows® 4+ system? Visit our contact page to get in touch with our UK partners for a quotation and specification advice.
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