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Corner House

Floor to ceiling minimal windows sliding glass doors used to create entire moving glass walls.

A huge advantage of having a luxury home such as this one is the large garden space that wraps around the premier of the property. The homeowners wanted to utilise the garden space and large sliding glass doors were a great way to do this.

Many contemporary homes now use large glazing elevations to create entire walls of glass. The use of glass has increased significantly in many architecture styles over recent years, especially now that windows and doors can achieve high thermal performance levels.

In the warmer months, the large sliding doors can be pushed back, completely exposing the corner of the room and merging the space with the external garden area, creating one large indoor outdoor living area.

All year round the internal living space is provided with panoramic, uninterrupted views of the garden.

modern home extension with minimal windows sliding glass doors used to form entire sliding glass walls
oversized aluminium sliding glass doors from minimal windows

With minimal windows sliding systems, the large sizes available mean when used as a floor to ceiling glazing system, the doors themselves become entire moving glass walls.

Using glass walls and sliding glass doors in a corner opening configuration means natural light is able to flow in from all angles, bathing the room in light throughout the day.

The interior design style has a monochrome and minimalistic approach but utilises a bright chair and footstall as a feature piece and to bring a touch of colour to the contemporary living space.

By placing the unique hanging light fixture in front of the glass to glass corner, it draws the eye to that side of the room immediately. The scenic surroundings provide a stunning backdrop for the high end furniture and interior design elements.

contemporary home extension with sliding glass walls made from large sliding glass doors from minimal windows
contemporary home extension with glass to glass corner and minimal window slim sliding door systems

Previously, glazing was known to be a significant source of heat loss within the home, but contemporary glazing system utilise modern advances in insulation and thermal break technology to eliminate this issue

Thanks to modern advances in glazing technology glazing is no longer a significant source of heat loss within the home, provided it is a quality system that has been installed correctly. 

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