Plot 52

glass sliding doors used to create floor to ceiling glass facades

Keller minimal windows® have been installed on the front and rear of this home. At the front of the home floor-to-ceiling glass facades have been created on the single story with sliding glass doors. On the rear of the new build, minimal windows® have been installed on two levels to create large expanses of glass. Glass balustrades have been incorporated into theses glass sliding doors on the second floor of the rear of the home to create a Juliet balcony.

These Juliet balconies are essential for this new build as the upper level does not have any traditional balcony space. Incorporating these balustrades means that the homeowners can open these sliding doors and enjoy the fresh air with the assurance that they have a safety barrier to prevent any accidents.

The slim framing of only 21mm provides homeowners with incredible, obstruction free views of their surroundings. The additions of these slim framed sliding glass doors surrounding the home are the perfect addition to this already contemporary designed house. Having a full section of minimal windows® sliding glass doors on the ground floor allows the owners to create the perfect indoor-outdoor living experience by being able to completely open up walls of glass to merge the two living areas together.

Juliet Balconies:

If sliding glass doors are installed onto the upper level of a home where there are no balcony spaces, it is best to integrate glass balustrades. By integrating these balustrades into the doors you can create a safety barrier and Juliet balcony. This allows you to open the sliding doors for ventilation while also preventing any injuries that may occur, click here for more info on Juliet Balconies.


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