Sundale Avenue

fully glazed wall using open corner sliding glass doors

Slim framed open corner sliding glass doors by minimal windows® were installed onto this beautiful private home. Both levels of the property are almost fully glazed with sliding glass doors and structural glazing.

open corner sliding glass doors

ultra slim sightlines

The slim sightlines used in the sliding glass door design is also used throughout the structural glazing to create the fully glazed wall on the ground floor. These floor-to-ceiling sliding doors maximise the natural light intake and provide the homeowners and visitors with stunning views of the landscape.

These open corner doors have a flush threshold, making the connection between the internal and external spaces smooth and step-free. These doors have been installed to create an indoor-outdoor living space, merging the internal kitchen with an external seating and dining area.

By using slim framed sliding glass open corner doors, the homeowners are now able to merge these two spaces together. This creates the perfect space for summer parties and gatherings when the open corner doors can be left open throughout the day to provide access to the kitchen or external swimming pool.

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