White Corner

fully glazed wall created with slim framed sliding glass doors

Slim sightlines of 21mm are achieved with these minimal windows sliding glass doors, maximising the natural light intake into this stunning contemporary home as well as views of the massive garden area. The slim framing creates the illusion of the merged spaces even when the doors are closed. The large glazed panels combined with the slim 21mm aluminium frame creates the illusion of a floating building.

These sliding glass doors have been installed with an open corner, maximising the internal living space and creating an incredible indoor-outdoor living experience. This merged space can then be used throughout the summer to create a large relaxation area whilst allowing the breeze to pass through into, keeping it cool in the warm months.

These sliding doors act as a barrier in the winter, keeping the cold outside and keeping the indoors nice and warm. The aluminium frames on these sliding glass doors have been powder coated a light grey to continue the bright external colour of the building. Choosing this colour, with large glazed panels creates a bright and airy home.

These slim framed sliding glass doors have been installed with a flush finish and integrated drainage system. Both of these features are ideal as the flush finish provides easy access between the living spaces without the need for a step. The integrated drainage system prevents the area from being damaged or flooded by water.

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