Guillotine Windows

Minimal Sash Window System

The minimal aluminium framing of KELLERs minimal windows® large sliding glass doors is now available as a large, contemporary guillotine window. This sash windows system includes large horizontal openings. These windows can be specified up to 6m wide and 12m tall per installation with the minimal aluminium surround framing. These Guillotine windows are the perfect addition to any contemporary architectural design as they are able to slide open at the centre, creating a unique opening. Due to the large sizes of these guillotine windows, it is very possible to create a full façade on double height spaces.

Slim Framing and Configurations

These guillotine windows have high levels of thermal insulation, solar protection and transparency. The vertically sliding sash windows can be designed with automated motors for electrical openings or counter weighed for a smooth manual opening action. To maintain the slim 21mm horizontal transoms a minimal two point locking system is integrated via a thrust lever handle. When this handle is turned, steel shoot bolts fit within the horizontal 21mm transom frame into the opening sides, locking the windows closed and into the building structure. These windows are available as a two pane and a three pane window. The two pane configuration allows one panel to slide up or down. Guillotine windows with three panels will always open into the centre panel.

Slim Framing

The 21mm sightline is maintained in these guillotine windows due to an integrated locking system, meaning no added framing is necessary. The large sizes and slim framing provides a perfectly clear and large glass façade with no obstruction to any views.


The configurations available are a three pane, centrally opening glass elevation or a two pane, top opening glass elevation. These guillotine windows are however, a bespoke architectural glass solution meaning minimal windows® can create a design and configuration to suit your project perfectly.