minimal pivot windows on luxury home

minimal Pivot window

Slim Framed Pivot Window

The minimal aluminium framing of the minimal windows system has now been adapted to enable it to be used as a slim, architectural pivoting window. The thin aluminium framing can be used to create very large pivoting windows perfect to accompany minimal windows on your project. With a flush floor track when the pivot doors are open and minimal surrounding frame you can expertly recreate the appearance of the minimal windows sliding glass doors in a pivoting window. These pivoting windows are not recommended for high traffic doors but could provide occasional access to garden and balcony spaces.

minimal Engineered Framing

The minimal Pivoting window contains a hold open and self-closing mechanism within the head framing of the pivot door for ease of handling, especially when the window is created at large sizes. An ergonomic two point thrust lever locking mechanism is integrated into the opening edge of the pivot window to mirror the appearance of the minimal windows sliding doors. The integrated lock has been tested for security and is designed to ensure that it does not impede onto the glass face of the large pivoting window. All drainage is integrated into the base of the minimal Pivoting window to allow a flush threshold when the pivot window is open. A stainless steel blade drain and sub base neoprene drainage block force create a suitable base detail for water resistance and direct water run off away. Use these large pivot windows in conjunction with our popular minimal windows for a cohesive design both inside and outside to all glazing elements.
Large Pivot Windows
These large format pivoting windows can be a maximum of 3.7m high for an impressive opening window design. Their widths can be up to 2.4m per door and a double door configuration is also possible.
minimal Framing
using the same framing profiles as the minimal windows sliding glass doors creates an extremely thin framed pivot window. The opening edge has a door frame of 50mm which includes the integrated thrust lever locking handle. Majority of the fixed frame can be hidden by building finishes if required.
Pivoting Mechanism
A stainless steel pivot in the head and base of each door creates the smooth pivoting action. This pivot point has to be a minimum of 100mm from the closing edge but can be moved to the centre of the door as required. Hold open and self-closing mechanisms are within the head of the pivot window.
Handle Options
We recommend the inclusion of a D handle to large pivot windows to ensure that they are easy to open and close. This handle is stainless steel and applied to the vertical 21mm frame. It is available in a range of sizes from 320-1000mm long.