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Keller minimal windows® Technical Specifications

As well as inspiring aesthetics and minimal framing the Keller minimal windows® system also benefits from some remarkable engineering and hidden innovations ensuring that the frameless sliding doors are functional and provide an impressive weather resistance and barrier to the external face of a design. You can download the technical specification sheets for an easy to glance table of performance.

KELLER minimal windows®

KELLER minimal windows®4+

Slim Framing These thin framed sliding doors are designed to create as minimal framing as possible whilst creating impressive protection from the elements21mm26mm
Maximum Size of a Moving Paneup to 8.5m2 per sliding panelup to 12m2 per sliding panel
Maximum Height4m4.5m
Air Permeability EN 12207 for air permeability to ensure no drafts penetrate the sliding glass door framesClass 4(600 Pa)Class 4(600 Pa)
Water Resistance EN 12208 to ensure that the KELLER minimal windows® are completely water tightClass 7A(300 Pa/80 km/h)Class E1050(450 Pa/98 km/h)
Wind Resistance EN 12210 to test the strength of the KELLER minimal windows® under high wind pressuresClass C4/B5(2000 Pa/206 km/h)Class C5(2000 Pa/206 km/h)
Hurricane Resistance Cyclic Wind Pressure Test in accordance with TAS 203N/ACyclic wind pressures up to 3510 Pa
Impact Resistance Large Missile Impact Test in accordance with TAS 201N/AWithstood large missile impact up to 15.5 m/s (43mph)
Burglar Resistance The sliding doors were tested to EN 1627 to ensure protection against forced entryWK2“Increased protection for normal housing security”WK2“Increased protection for normal housing security”
Thermal Performance Thermal performances need to be calculated per installation including the Ug and Uf  valueUw 1.4W/m2K(Average)Uw 0.8W/m2K(Average)
Locking Integrated and ergonomic locking devices to suit each applicationMechanical two point locking / electromagnetic lockingMechanical two point locking / electromagnetic locking
Drainage Both the KELLER minimal windows® and 4+ have integrated drainage options for a neat appearance and effective water drainage from frames and glassIntegrated neoprene base drainage  blockOptional integrated flush external drainage channel (120 litres water per minute)Integrated neoprene base drainage  blockOptional integrated flush external drainage channel (120 litres water per minute)
Glass Options The glass options available for these sliding glass doors are almost endless with options for low maintenance coating/solar control coating/heated glass/low iron glass/privacy glass/electro chromic glass and moreDouble Glazed units with low-e coating and argon gas filling(Ug value 1.1W/m2K)Triple Glazed units with low-e coating and argo gas filling(Ug value 0.7W/m2K)
  Base Options  Standard base track with 12-13mm deep floor tracks and floor to ceiling glass finish. or Freeway base track with flush internal to external finish and 37mm protruding base frame.Standard base track with 12-13mm deep floor tracks and floor to ceiling glass finish.

Keller minimal windows® Technical Drawings

You can download the technical data sheet and the standard CAD details for the Keller minimal windows® sliding glass doors here. Contact us if you have any questions or queries.
Download Keller minimal windows® Technical DrawingsDownload Keller minimal windows®4+ Technical DrawingsDownload minimal pivoting windows Technical Drawings

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