Angle House

Angle House

Angle House

minimal windows® on Contemporary Home

minimal windows® sliding glass doors have been installed onto both levels of this contemporary home for all living areas. Slim framed sliding glass doors were installed onto the lower level of the home to create the perfect indoor-outdoor merge of the living areas and the outdoor pool.

The frames on these sliding glass doors are finished in a silver colour, creating a luxury contemporary addition to the already modern home. The large expanses of glass helps to maximise the natural light intake into the home and provides the home owners with great views of their pool.

Using minimal windows® glass sliding doors on this home has given the owners the opportunity to have their own indoor-outdoor living experience.

The sliding glass doors have also been installed on the second floor of the home where they open up onto the balcony. Glass balustrades have been integrated into these glass sliding doors in the bedroom to create a Frameless Juliet balcony and to provide safety for when the windows are open.

Installing these sliding glass doors all around the contemporary home has maximised the natural light intake throughout the day as well as enhancing the modernity of the home.

The Perfect Juliet Balcony:

minimal windows® sliding glass doors can be installed onto higher levels of the home to provide incredible amounts of natural light as well as to create the perfect entrance to a balcony. Glass balustrades can also be integrated into these doors on higher levels to provide a safety barrier and to create a Juliet balcony.

Expand Your Living Space:

Installing KELLER minimal windows® onto your home will help to extend your living spaces as you are able to merge the indoors with the outdoors. Installing hidden pocket doors can open up a complete wall, providing you with a larger living area.