Bedford Gardens

Bedford Gardens Minimally Framed Sliding Glass Doors Courtyard View

Bedford Gardens

Minimally Framed Sliding Glass Doors To Courtyard Garden

minimal windows® were used to connect this original London townhouse and a neighbouring mews property together via a courtyard garden. The demolition of both the original home and the adjoining mews property made way to create a single luxurious family home whilst retaining the historic façade of the 19th Century house. A contemporary, light filled, family living room and kitchen now overlook a carefully designed courtyard garden through our slim frame sliding glass doors. For the architectural design, the minimally framed sliding glass doors were used to mirror the design of the original house onto the adjoining mews property. The two sets of minimal windows® are completely parallel with each other allowing access to the courtyard from both the dining area to the home office. Access to the basement can be made via the courtyard and required handrails, therefore frameless glass balustrades were used to allow the natural light to flow into the family home and provide uninterrupted views through the minimal windows®. The flush threshold of the minimal windows® creates a seamless transition between both internal and external living spaces, which is enhanced by the cohesive flooring across both living spaces. The adjoining mews house has also been re-built in a contemporary style providing ancillary accommodation with a new 300m2 basement below. This large, light-filled basement accommodates a well-appointed pool and spa, family media room, and formal entertaining space, and also includes a second ‘catering’ kitchen, large staff flat and plant and utility rooms, walk on glass floors have been incorporated to maximise the natural light levels. View more images of the Bedford Gardens project below or at our Pinterest Board.

Indoor Outdoor Design

KELLER minimal windows® are regularly used on rear extensions or renovation projects where homeowners are looking to merge their internal and external living areas. Slim framing when closed and flush floor finishes when open allow minimal windows to be an effective design choice.

Modern Patio Doors

This contemporary renovation benefited from the slim, modern appearance of the minimal windows system. Used as a modern alternative to patio doors, opening up the internal living spaces onto the small courtyard. The slim frames create an impressive and striking appearance.