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minimal windows Sliding Glass Doors

Beech Drive

Naturally Lit Contemporary Extension Using minimal windows® Sliding Glass Doors

Two sets of minimal windows® sliding glass doors were installed onto this kitchen and dining extension of a contemporary home. These sliding doors were integrated with slim framed structural glazing panels to create two fully glazed walls.

The slim 21mm framing of these sliding glass doors combined with the slim framing of the structural glazing creates a continuous design throughout the extension. The slim framing also allows for maximum natural light ingress and provides incredible views of the garden from indoors.

By having this slim framing, views from the internal living space are enhanced and can create the illusion of the doors being open at all times due to the very minimal framing obstruction.

The minimal windows® sliding glass doors installed onto the longer side of the extension are biparting, providing further access space between the internal and external spaces. To the side of the extension, only one sliding panel has been installed with fixed structural glazing on either side. Both sets of doors provide step-free access to the external spaces, enhancing the connection between the spaces and preventing any injuries that could occur when younger children are running between the living areas.

The slim frames have been powder coated with a light grey RAL colour to match with the external supporting posts of the extension and roofing details on the original property. Internally, this grey coloured framing works well with the all-white interior and helps to continue the overall contemporary design of the home.

Create an Illusion:

Integrating slim framed sliding glass doors into your extension or general property design will improve the natural light intake as well as the views of your external areas. With a very minimal sightline of only 21mm, you are able to create the illusion that your new space is opened out to the outdoors, even when the doors are closed.

Benefits of Step-free Access:

Most minimal windows® installations will include step-free access as this is the preferred choice for most homeowners due to the continuation of minimal design. Step-free access is ideal for family homes, preventing any injury to younger children who may run between the space, as well as wheelchair access into the home.