Brook Barn

Sliding Glass Doors on Barn Conversion

Brook Barn

Glass Sliding Doors on new Garden Office

KELLER minimal windows® were installed to the garden office and glass link of Brook Barn. This project has been featured on ‘Inside Out Homes’ on Channel 4.

The aim of this project was to create an indoor-outdoor garden office from a rural barn. The architect for this project, Zac Monro, visited another IQ project where minimal windows® glass sliding doors had been installed for some inspiration.

Brook Barn had been converted into a family home and connected to a rural barn to create a bigger house with a new garden office, created by using our glass sliding doors. The barn conversion with these minimal windows® has provided the garden office with the perfect amount of natural light as well as providing good ventilation, especially in the hotter months.

The internal structure of the barn was kept to match the rest of the home, with sliding glass doors being added to create an indoor-outdoor space to merge the new and improved barn with the family garden. Merging the two spaces allows the homeowner to relax and enjoy the sunshine in the summer whilst still being in a working environment.

Installing these sliding doors helps to keep the office space bright throughout the day as the sun can reflect off of the white walls. These doors have also been installed onto the glass link within the house, creating the floor to ceiling glass facades, helping to maximize the natural light intake into the living space.

Sliding Glass Doors Within a Glass Link:

Sliding glass doors do not only have to be installed onto the rear of your home on an extension, they can also be installed onto a glass link to create a full glass wall and ceiling. Glass links with minimal windows® are perfect for maximizing natural light due to the slim framing throughout.

minimal windows on TV:

Brook Barn was featured in the first episode of the first series of ‘Inside Out Homes’, a new TV design series presented by Zac Monro on Channel 4. Another minimal windows® project, Milbrook, also appeared on Inside Out Homes.