Cotswolds Cottage Renovation

Cotswolds Landecombe award winning project

Cotswolds Cottage Renovation

Award Winning Cottage Renovation

A cottage renovation in a secret valley on the edge of the Cotswold’s led to an award-winning and critically acclaimed architectural design that included a large, modern extension set within the Cotswold’s hills.

The large glass elevations, including KELLER minimal windows®, did not only have an aesthetic purpose but were strategically placed to heat internal rooms via solar gain, for a sustainable contemporary design.The focal point of the modern extension is a long elevation of frameless glass. Minimal windows sliding doors were integrated minimally within this glass wall to allow access out onto the patio areas. Multiple sliding pocket doors were used throughout the sprawling building including smaller sliding windows to the study and larger pocket sliding doors to bedrooms, leading out onto a central courtyard.The project won the RIBA National Award 2012 and was shortlisted for the prestigious Manser Medal…

Hidden Pocket Doors

Multiple doors on this project were designed to slide away into hidden pockets within the Cotswold’s stone walls.

With the doors hidden away within the walls you can achieve the largest door opening available, merging lines between inside and out…

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Open Pocket Doors

On projects were the walls are not thick enough for the KELLER minimal windows® to be hidden away you can design the sliding doors to slide over the internal face of solid walls.

Here the KELLER minimal windows® were designed to slide on the internal face of the structural glass wall to the kitchen and living areas.

Project Information

Location: Gloucestershire

Project Features: Pocket Doors, minimal windows as windows, Open Pocket Doors