Embassy Gardens

Embassy Gardens Sliding Glass Doors

Embassy Gardens

London Development including KELLER minimal windows® Sliding Glass Doors

The Embassy Gardens development is in the heart of Nine Elms on the Southbank regeneration area and has recently been completed. This development included the installation of KELLER minimal windows® sliding glass doors to create a guillotine window.

These minimally framed sliding glass doors provide a floor-to-ceiling façade of glazing flooding the pool area with natural light. A vertically sliding automated glazing in the style of a sash window has also been added to the gap between the indoor and outdoor pool features.

These sliding glass doors wrap around the pool, maximising the natural light and creating the perfect indoor outdoor living space for the occupants. The homes in this development are luxurious featuring large façades of minimally framed glazing offering incredible views over the Thames to Pimlico.

Due to the swimming pool being used by the public, squares were sandblasted across the glazing to show that they are minimally framed glass façades, helping to prevent any accidents with people walking into it. This was one of the health and safety requirements when installing these sliding glass doors.

This aluminium framing in particular was finished with a marine grade finish, helping to extend the life-span of the frames because of the location and exposure to a chlorine swimming pool.

minimal windows® Glazing:

minimal windows® sliding glass doors are the perfect addition to an indoor pool as they provide natural light intake as well as easy access between the pool and other areas. The glazing used on these sliding glass doors can be sandblasted to provide privacy to a specific area of your home or commercial project.

Guillotine Window

The minimal windows were engineered to create a vertically lifting guillotine window to allow access out to the outdoor Jacuzzi. The indoor to outdoor swimming space is separated by a minimal window in order to maintain a cohesive glazing design to the external façade of the pool room. read more about Guillotine windows here

This glazing installation was completed by the team at IQ Projects Click Here to Learn More!