Flint House

flint road ultra slim framed sliding glass doors

Flint House

Incredible Lake Views Through Sliding Glass Doors

minimal windows® slim framed sliding glass doors were installed on the first floor of this property to enhance the natural light intake into the living areas as well as to provide the homeowners and any visitors with great views of the lake.

These sliding glass doors have been installed on both sides of the home on the ground floor which has created an indoor-outdoor living experience. These doors allow the homeowners to use their patio area throughout the year and merge the living spaces with the patio, creating an indoor-outdoor living space. This merge is perfect for this home in particular as the family will be able to enjoy the lake in the summer from the comfort of their own home.

With a slim sightline of only 21mm, these sliding doors help to maximise the light intake as well as increasing the views of the lake. This slim framing almost makes it seem as though there isn’t a divide between the indoors and outdoors.

The aluminium framing has been powder coated a light grey, this provides a contrast between the dark flint exterior and the sliding glass doors. This light grey framing matches the framing of the windows on the second floor of the home, creating a seamless design throughout the home.

Indoor Outdoor Living Spaces:

Installing glass sliding doors onto a property is one of the best ways to create an indoor-outdoor living space as you are able to merge two spaces together. This creates a larger living space for you and your family to enjoy. These spaces are great for use in the summer, especially if the doors lead to a pool, lake or beachfront.