Glenridge Lodge

thinly framed sliding glass doors

Glenridge Lodge

Indoor-Outdoor Living Experience Created with Open Corner Sliding Glass Doors

Open corner slim framed sliding glass doors were installed onto the Glenridge Lodge project in Surrey. The project requirements were to create a small contemporary extension and kitchen redesign to the existing dwelling. There were a few constraints including a number of significant trees surrounding the property.

These open corner sliding glass doors provide a lot of additional space to the internal living area once opened. Installing these doors has provided the homeowners with an indoor-outdoor living experience.

This indoor-outdoor living experience is perfect for maximising the use of the garden in the summertime as the family can enjoy their meals in the sun without having to open and close the door numerous times. These slim framed sliding glass doors also provide the perfect garden views for the family when using the new kitchen/dining area.

Even when these sliding glass doors are closed, an illusion of the doors being fully open is created due to the slim framing and large glass panels used. The slim 21mm sightline of these doors allows the maximum amount of natural light to pass through into the new space, keeping the kitchen/dining area well-lit throughout the day.

These doors have been installed with a flush floor finish, providing easy access between the living spaces. An integrated drainage system has been installed to prevent any water damage or flooding to the property which could have occurred due to the flush floor finish.

Open Corner with Hidden Pocket

Installing an open corner with a hidden pocket is ideal as it allows you to push one wall of glass back completely, providing an incredible amount of access space between the internal and external living spaces. Find out more about minimal windows® hidden pocket doors.