Great Newport Street

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Great Newport Street

How to Create the Perfect Apartment With minimal windows® and Juliet Balconies

These high-end apartments next to Leicester Square Station have recently been renovated with the addition of some minimal windows®.

These minimal windows® sliding glass doors allow the maximum amount of light into the luxury apartments as well as providing good ventilation to each space.

All sliding glass doors used are made up of two panels with one-pannel sliding and one panel fixed.

Glass balustrades have been installed on the inside of the minimal windows® used on upper floors to provide safety when the sliding glass doors are open. The use of these glass balustrades has also given each apartment their own Juliet balcony. This allows the owners to be able to appreciate the views without any glass or framing getting in the way.

Larger KELLER minimal windows® with an opening width of 7220mm have been used to provide the penthouse apartment with easy access to the large external patio. Having these sliding glass doors in this particular area allow the owners to enjoy an indoor-outdoor living experience, merging the kitchen with the patio.

IQ Glass UK installed this installation of minimal windows® and are the sole UK installer for minimal windows® within the UK. Contact IQ Glass UK for more information about installing minimal windows on contemporary design projects within the UK.

Frameless Juliet Balconies:

Apartments can benefit from Juliet balconies due to their clear, frameless appearance. Glass balustrades are integrated within the base track of minimal windows® sliding glass doors to create the perfect Juliet Balcony. All fixings are hidden within the base track of these doors, maintaining the minimal appearance. Read more

Large minimal windows® Sliding Glass Doors:

KELLER minimal windows®4+ have the same minimal appearance as KELLER minimal windows® but are much wider and are more thermally efficient due to the triple glazing. A flush floor finish is installed with these sliding glass doors across the base track from inside to out, making these doors perfect for creating the ideal indoor-outdoor living experience or wheelchair access. View product

This glazing installation was completed by the team at IQ Projects Click Here to Learn More!