Killsier Avenue

Killsear Avenue Open Corner

Killsier Avenue

Open Corner to House Extension Remodel in London

On this house extension to a traditional Edwardian build in London, the KELLER minimal windows® sliding glass doors were used on three faces of the new addition. The architects wanted to create a ‘cave-like space’ with a large glass elevation to the rear looking over the small gardens. A cantilevered roof above the informal seating areas removed the need for structure within the glass façade and allowed the slim framed sliding glass doors to slide away from the 90-degree corner connection, leaving no framing or posts in its wake.

With an opening corner to the sitting room, you really get the sense of being outside.

A separate elevation of the thin framed sliding doors to the dining area allows access and light into the deeper space, even when the internal sliding partitions are closed.

The steel pergola runs around the entire stepped face of the rear extension with vines and flowers growing through its bars. The overhanging foliage goes even further to bring the ‘outside-in’ in a unique design feature.

Opening Corner

KELLER minimal windows® sliding glass doors can be easily designed to slide away from a corner connection, leaving no left over supporting posts or frame, as shown in this modern extension. Angles of connection can be designed to suit nearly any design… Read more

Extensions in Town

These slim framed sliding glass doors are a perfect addition to extensions in town. The slim aluminium framing and maximum glass exposure allow lots of light to enter through these modern patio doors, even in small rear terrace openings.

Project Information

Completion Date: 2013

Location: SW London