House of Nature

House of Nature slim framed sliding glass doors

House of Nature

Creating a House of Nature with Slim Framed Sliding Glass Doors

Merging the home with nature is increasing in popularity due to the incredible and refreshing feeling you get when you take time out to enjoy nature.

KELLER’s slim framed sliding glass doors were installed onto the rear of this home to provide the ideal connection with the homeowner’s garden area. The slim 21mm framing allows the greatest amount of natural light to pass through into the home as well as providing the homeowners with stunning views of their garden.

This set of four pane sliding glass doors bipart to create a wide access area between the internal and external living spaces. Installing slim framed sliding glass doors with large glazed panels can create the illusion that the internal and external living spaces are much larger than they are in reality.

Installing these sliding glass doors was a necessary requirement for this home due to a lack of windows on the ground floor of the property. KELLER’s minimal windows provide the natural light and ventilation needed.

These slim framed sliding glass doors were installed with a flush floor finish and integrated drainage system to provide step-free access to the external living space and to prevent any flooding or water damage to the property.

Merging with Nature

One of the best ways to merge your home with nature is with minimal windows sliding glass doors. The slim framing combined with large glazed panels provides incredible views of the external space and maximizes the light intake into the home. A biparting configuration allows the internal space to be opened out into the external space, merging the home with nature.