Jura House

Jura House Architectural Glazing

Jura House

Jura House – Floor To Ceiling Glass Façades Created Using minimal windows® Sliding glass Doors

This impressive new build in Surrey included the installation of KELLER minimal windows® sliding glass doors all around the home to create floor to ceiling glass façades. Using these glass panels throughout the home has provided the homeowners with panoramic views of the surrounding area.

minimal windows® have been installed onto each room of the ground floor helping to provide the perfect indoor outdoor living experience by merging the living spaces with the outdoors. These sliding glass doors all have a flush floor finish, giving the homeowners easy access to the home and surrounding gardens.

On the second floor of the home, glass balustrades have been placed in front of the minimal windows® sliding glass doors to create Juliet balconies. Placing these glass balustrades here ensures safety to the homeowners when these doors are open for ventilation.

These minimally framed sliding glass doors have also been used internally on the second floor of the home in one of the bathrooms to create a separation between the bathroom and outdoor shower. A glass balustrade has been installed onto this outdoor shower to provide safety.

Frameless Juliet Balconies:

The upper level of a home can still include minimal windows® sliding glass doors with the help of glass balustrades. The placement of these glass balustrades provides a Juliet balcony, perfect for homeowners to use these doors for ventilation without having to worry about accidents occurring.