Sand Dunes

sand dunes sliding glass doors

Sand Dunes

minimal windows® were the sliding glass doors of choice on this incredible beach house in Cornwall.

The use of the slim framed sliding glass doors all along the front of this house means the homeowners can enjoy the spectacular views of the beach in front of them, from the comfort of their own home. This also allows maximum amounts of lighting into the home keeping it naturally lit throughout the day.

A mixture of minimal windows and minimal windows® 4+ were used throughout the project with the minimal windows® 4+ providing an increased level of weather resistance to the coastal face of the new home.

The hurricane resistance level of protection afforded to the triple glazed sliding glass doors ensured they were suitable for the exposed, sea-facing elevation of the home.

Impressive floor to ceiling glass facades was created due to the slim aluminium minimal frame and flush tracks of the minimal windows and 4+ systems.

The use of the minimal windows sliding glass doors on this project perfectly frames the impressive views from this seaside property and adds to the contemporary aesthetic. A flush floor finish has been installed onto this property to allow easier access to and from the house to the beach.

These KELLER minimal windows® have been powder coated black to match with the contemporary aesthetic and to suit the neat internal and external design of the home.

step into the house. Flush tracks are also perfect as they help create a nice neat modern look to any home.

Minimal windows 4+

KELLER minimal windows® 4+ include the same slim framing and impressive innovations as KELLER minimal windows® however, they are larger, taller and more thermally efficient sliding glass doors. These doors are triple glazed with a slim aluminium frame that has a flush finish across the base track from inside to out.

Project Information

Location: Cornwall