Sharon Road

heathfield sliding glass doors

Sharon Road

Sharon Road – Full Wall Of Sliding Glass

Three-panel sliding glass doors have been installed on this extension in London to create a full-width wall of sliding glass. These large floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors provide the maximum amount of light into the family home, providing natural light into the living and kitchen area throughout the day.

minimal windows® have a very slim frame which helps extra light come into the house as well as giving the family perfect views of their garden without any obstructions.

These glass sliding doors have been installed with a freeway base track which has helped to create a completely flat finish inside to outside with a frame of only 37mm above the finished floor level. By using this freeway base track, access to the garden has been made much easier for the family. This base also provides safety as the children of the family won’t be able to trip up if they were going to be running between the living area and garden.

Our thin framed sliding glass doors have been weather and security tested, ensuring the family of the safety of these doors as well as the water and air tightness.

Freeway Base Track:

The freeway base track is the newer version of minimal windows® base options. The normal base track has a 12-13mm track in the floor, however, the freeway base track creates a completely flat finish between the inside and out with a frame of only 37mm.

creating the ideal indoor-outdoor living experience or wheelchair access.