The Contemporary Bungalow

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The Contemporary Bungalow

Maximise Space in a Bungalow with minimal windows Sliding Glass Doors

This contemporary new build bungalow included the installation of minimal windows sliding glass doors. These doors, along with the fixed windows on the property, provide incredible amounts of natural light into the building whilst giving the homeowners stunning views of their garden area.

The sliding doors and fixed windows produce a fully glazed wall, creating the illusion of a floating roof. These three pane minimal windows sliding glass doors open to the right of the home, providing a great amount of access space between the internal and external areas.

The fixed windows installed on either side of the sliding glass doors were designed with the same slim 21mm frame to create a seamless design throughout the home. Installing fixed windows where sliding doors were not installed enhances the natural light intake.

These doors provide step-free access to the external patio area, perfect for in the summer as it allows the homeowners to maximize the use of their external spaces when having garden parties or relaxed meals in the sun.

Bungalow Sliding Doors

minimal windows sliding glass doors can be installed onto homes of any shape and size due to the broad range of sizes and configurations available. Installing these onto bungalows can create the illusion of larger internal living spaces as they become well-lit and open to the garden/patio area.

Incorporate Fixed Windows into Your Design:
If you do not want minimal windows sliding glass doors to surround your property but are still after the great amount of natural light intake they can provide then consider installing fixed windows. These can be installed with the same 21mm framing and are perfect for continuing the fully glazed wall design.