The White Pool House

Large Slim Framed Sliding Glass Doors Used On Indoor Pool House

The White Pool House

Large Sliding Glass Doors Used To Merge the Indoor Pool With The Outdoors

KELLER minimal windows® were installed onto many parts of this home including the spacious indoors swimming pool. Large sliding glass doors were installed onto the pool indoor pool to maximise the natural light intake as there is minimal internal lighting installed into this space. Larger sliding doors were installed onto the pool house only due to there being a lot more open space in the pool house for natural light to fill.

Smaller glass sliding doors were installed onto the living area of the home due to lack of space. The framing of these sliding doors is still the same 21mm as the larger glass doors, allowing the maximum amount of natural light to pass through into the living area.

Installing glass sliding doors onto these areas has created indoor-outdoor living spaces as well as providing ventilation due to the lack of windows. Ventilation is ideal for the indoor swimming pool as the area may get very hot throughout the day, especially with the heated pool. The merge between the indoor swimming pool area and garden area is perfect as it allows the homeowners and visitors to enjoy both areas in a much bigger space.

Pool Glazing:

Marine grade finishes must be used when installing sliding glass doors onto a pool area as it will help to increase the lifespan of the frames, which could be damaged due to the exposure to a chlorine swimming pool. Find out more about marine grade finishes.

Flush Thresholds:

KELLER minimal windows® glass sliding doors all have a flush threshold drainage system incorporated into them. This is perfect for a swimming pool area as the drainage system can take up to 90 litres of water every minute. This system also includes an anti-corrosive metal grille which is ideal for a chlorine pool.