Willow Road

Willow Road Architectural Glazing Balcony

Willow Road

Sliding Doors to a Modern Family Home

Minimal windows® transformed this dated home in Hampstead, London into a bright, light-filled modern family home with a clever architectural design.

The minimally framed sliding glass doors were used to enhance the internal living environment of the property creating a larger open plan living area. The contemporary renovation creates a seamless connection between the living and seating areas as well as to the carefully landscaped garden.

The flush base track and head detail provide an idyllic, seamless transition between both inside and outside living areas. The slim 21mm sightlines allow the minimal windows® to take advantage of and provide uninterrupted views of the garden and a striking external aesthetic to the property.

The aluminium framed, minimal windows® has an excellent thermal efficiency, retaining heat even in the colder winter months. This was a specified design element by the clients as the traditional London townhouse previously suffered from heat loss.

KELLER minimal windows® used in this contemporary renovation are perfectly suited for modern design projects where minimal sightlines are desired with high levels of thermal and weather performance. The minimally framed sliding glass doors were finished in a dark grey powder coat for a contemporary design contrasting effectively with the white rendered walls.

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IQ Glass UK installed this installation of minimal windows and are the sole UK installer for minimal windows within the UK. Contact IQ Glass UK for more information about installing minimal windows on contemporary design projects within the UK.

Indoor Outdoor Design

KELLER minimal windows® are regularly used on rear extensions or renovation projects were homeowners are looking to merge their internal and external living areas. Slim framing when closed and flush floor finishes when open allow minimal windows to be an effective design choice.

Flush Base Tracks

The installation of KELLER minimal windows® has been designed with a flush floor finish for inside to outside for the perfect seamless transition.

Project Information

Location: Hampstead, London