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Triple Glazed Sliding Doors - minimal windows 4+

minimal windows® 4+ oversized triple glazed sliding door

The minimal windows® 4+ triple glazed sliding door has the same minimal detailing, slim framing and impressive innovations as minimal windows® in a larger, taller and more thermally efficient sliding glass door.

Triple glazing within the slim aluminium frame allows a thermal performance of as little as 0.8W/m2K in oversized sliding glass doors up to 12m2 per sliding panel.

Maintaining a slim aluminium frame the 4+ triple glazed sliding door maintains a frameless surrounding finish with a flush floor finish across the base track from inside to out.

The vertical profile where the sliding panels meet is a minimal 26mm across creating an impressive floor to ceiling glass appearance.

slim framed triple glazed sliding door

Specification Information

Robust stainless steel rails and double stainless steel wheel carriages carry these impressively large, triple glazed, sliding glass doors with ease, creating a smooth sliding action even at the sliding doors maximum height of 4.5m tall.

The stabilising neoprene base, hidden below finished floor finishes, creates a solid stable base for these large sliding glass doors to sit on, enabling smooth sliding action from installation onwards.

Integrated two-point locking within the slim 26mm framing is handy and easy to use for an accessible sliding glass door. Automation can be neatly integrated within the head track for automatic sliding glass doors if required.

Maximum Sizes

With this system you can create large sliding doors of up to 4.5m high and 12m² or each sliding glass pane. Each pane can weigh an impressive 1,000kg, however if the sliding panes exceed 500kg per panel then it is highly recommended that the system is automated. 

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Locking and Ventilation

The minimal windows 4+ operates with a standard 2-point thrust lever locking handle for secure internal locking. The locking mechanism is fully encased within the 26mm vertical frame and locks into precast locking positions within the ceiling and floor.

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Slimmest Sightlines

With a vertical framing junction of only 26mm the KELLER minimal windows®4+ still expounds impressive slim framing even at larger sizes and in a triple glazed sliding door. All surrounding frame can be hidden by building flush finishes using a flush base track.
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Triple glazed sliding glass doors

Using a highly insulating triple glazed unit and engineered thermal break technology within the aluminium frame the KELLER minimal windows®4+ system can reach some of the highest thermal performance requirements asked of contemporary design

Versatile Design

The triple glazed sliding doors can be designed in a range of configurations to suit the requirements of each project. This upgraded version of the minimal windows sliding door system possesses a beautifully slim slightlines of 26mm even with the thickness of triple glazing. 

The base details of the minimal windows 4+ system is a flush base track design to maintain a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor environments.


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This triple glazed sliding door can be manufactured to a range of configurations and can be designed with a pocket door, opening corners, trickle ventilation and automation.

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Sliding Panes

There are no restrictions to the number of sliding panes you can have with the minimal windows 4+ sliding doors system, however it’s worth keeping in mind that each sliding track is approximately 88mm deep with a two-track sliding door at 174mm deep and a triple track slider at 269mm deep.

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Base Details

The minimal windows 4+ has a 60mm deep base frame with a stainless-steel track which has a 20mm thick Neoprene drainage block and integrated 150mm EPDM.


The minimal windows 4+ triple glazed sliding door system offers exceptional performance values alongside super contemporary design. Due to the triple glazing, these sliding doors provide impressive insulation to retain a comfortable internal living space, especially during strong winds.


Air Permeability Icon

Air Permeability

With this system you can create large sliding doors up to 4.5m high and 12m² or each sliding glass pane.

Water Resistance

E1050 to EN12208, tested with 3.4 litres/ m² / min to TAS 202


Hurricane Resistance Icon

Resistance to Wind Load

C5 to EN12210, tested to +/- 4500Pa wind pressure to TAS 202

Thermal Performance

Uw value (0.8 – 1.1 depending on the pane size and configuration)

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Hurricane Resistance

Cyclic wind pressure loading tested to 3510Pa in accordance to TAS 203


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Acoustic Reduction

Rw (C; Ctr) up to 43dB (1-;-5)

Hurricane Resistance

The minimal windows 4+ has been fully tested against high force winds and has achieved exceptional performance ratings based on this testing. An outstanding feature of this system is how highly it performs in relation to its minimal framing.

All EN testing was carried out at the Rosenheim Institute in Germany with the Hurricane testing being undertaken at the Vinci Technology Centre in 2014.

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Glass Facades

The minimal windows 4+ sliding door system is recommended for large glass facades as they offer such high resistance against the elements.

Large Pane Sizes

With the fully tested sliding door system you can be confident that large sliding glass panes, whether they are manually or automatically operated, can withstand the strength of Hurricane winds.

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