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Fly Screen Options for minimal windows Sliding Doors

Fly screen options that are available with minimal windows.

With the minimal windows sliding doors, various fly screen options are available depending on your project requirements and personal preference.

At minimal windows we currently offer four fly screen options to ensure that you can find a solution that works for you. To help you select the ideal fly screen, we have created this short guide!

Fly Screens for Sliding Doors - Roll

The first and most popular fly screen option for sliding doors is the integrated roll system that is fully integrated within the frame of the sliding doors. This fly screen has around 1 meter of length and is tucked away until the small lever is operated. This lever pushes the fly screen from the frame and allows you to manually set the length you desire.

This system can also be fully automated.

With our fly screens, larger and smaller mesh sizes are available.

Fly Screens for Sliding Doors - Slide

A sliding system that is installed on their own track, completely separate from the sliding doors. This system allows for wider and larger opening sizes, but also means that you will have to allow the room for another sliding track within your floor finish.

This option is great for larger sliding configurations that require further protection from flies and other insects.

It is important to note that our fly screens also feature a pollen mesh option for those with pollen sensitivities. This option can come in standard black or can be fully transparent. We personally would always recommend the black screen as the transparent option is almost invisible to the eye, this can cause young children and even adults to run/ walk into them causing breakages!  

Fly Screens for Sliding Doors – Fold

The final option for fly screens is the folding system. This option is very similar to the roll fly screen, however with the fold, the fly screen is set within a cassette hidden in your wall finish.  

This option can not be automated and may leave fold marks across the fly screen overtime. It is the ideal option for more classical themed projects that want to step away from the sleek style often seen today.  

For more information on fly screens, contact the team today.