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Automatic Sliding Glass Doors

3 Options for Sliding Door Automation

minimal windows® provide fully automatic and low energy sliding door automation, making life easier for an individual who enters and leaves the property.

Suitable for a variety of buildings from residential homes to commercial offices, these sliding doors are energy efficient, strong and compact offering high security with customisation to best suit the client.

The exceptional performance and function, meets all environmental needs thanks to the innovative options we have available:

Remote Control

Sliding doors made out of glass are becoming popular and widely used in retail, offices and homes.

Remote controlled doors offer great conveniences to the user.

Remote control doors simplify life, eliminating any extra unnecessary tasks.

Additional locks and security are not required as the door is very secure and robust while the system offers a slender and attractive glass unit. A signal is sent to the radio receiver which is already built in the opener of the door.

This activates the relay allowing the door to open with the use of the running motor. This simple process is triggered by the push of a button.

If an obstruction is in the way of the door then it pauses for several seconds and will try again to close, this action is repeated until the removal of the obstruction making the chance of any damages occurring to the door very minimal.



The opening and closing of the door are controlled at the tip of a finger with the use of an app.

This app can be used for both residential and commercial door installations providing an easy to use clear layout.

A green halo would flash on the app indicating the door is opened permitting an individual to pass through.

The system is silent at all times even while opening/closing with slim sightlines, offering minimal frames and large glass areas allowing natural light to flood into the room.

No matter where you are around the house, the app would be connected to your WIFI network allowing the opening and closing of the door, with no limit to how many users can download and use the app providing with open/close notification to your app.

Not to worry if you forget to close the door behind you as if it’s not in use for a certain period of time the minimal door will automatically shut behind, this can easily be amended to suit what’s best for you.

keller minimal-windows app integrated project

Full Home Automation Integration

Home Automation is becoming a modern and popular use in today’s age.

This is when you integrate different systems and technologies into a single control system without explicitly requesting every action in your home.

Minimal glass window will custom motorise sliding glass suiting design and request offering a reliable, quiet and precise motion for high-end residential and commercial architect integrated with user management system.

minimal windows® offer this system on sliding elements, single and corner models, skylight, windows and doors allowing full control from a phone or another type of device under one software platform, without ever having to worry about losing keys or locking doors.

With access to the control of your home anywhere in the world, providing a smart solution to your home.

Automated Hidden Handle

The hidden handle detail is ideal for smooth opening and locking. The hidden handle detail is only available with the NGS system, but can provide an easy-to-use opening and closing system.