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Aluminium Sash Windows Pros and Cons

Sash windows are a popular window choice for properties where a vertically sliding window or doorway are the most sensible solution. When the sash windows are made from aluminium they have many more advantages due to the inherent material characteristics of aluminium for modern windows. 

The large format sash windows from the minimal windows range are the pinnacle of architectural design and technology. Using the latest glass technology, high performance aluminium sash frames and expertise in glazing, it is possible to create these large aluminium sash windows that span over multiple floors with a high impact design.

Advantages of Aluminium Sash Window : The size

First of all, one of the advantages of an aluminium sash window is the sizes the windows are possible in. Aluminium sash windows are not simply windows, they can be used to create huge double height sliding facades on the outside of a building. These vertical sliding windows can then be used instead of a typical patio door to provide access to a rear garden or outside. 

You can see this in the large sash window created to the rear of this home in Henley on Thames. The double height sash window spans from the ground floor to the first-floor landing. The base sash of the aluminium window slides upwards, providing access to the garden patio.

Similarly, the large aluminium sash window featured on the front elevation of Sky House in Amersham showcases a 6m tall sash window in aluminium.

These large sash window designs are possible thanks to the bonded nature of the minimal windows systems. The glass is bonded into the aluminium sash window frame which allows the glass to contribute to the strength of the glass elevation. This then allows these aluminium sash windows to reach these large sizes whilst maintaining their strength and performance.

Advantages of Aluminium Sash Windows: The Sightlines

By using the slim aluminium framing of the minimal windows range to create these sash windows, you maintain the slim sightlines associated with the system. This then creates a slim sash window with 21mm or 26mm of horizontal framing. 

The minimal nature of the aluminium sash window lends itself to contemporary architectural designs where maximum views or glazing are a key focus. When compared to the frame vs glass ratio of a typical casement window it is easy to see why these types of large aluminium sash windows are often used for modern architectural designs.

Looking at the large sash windows installed at The Moorings, the 21mm horizontal frame is the only element of framing visible across the whole glass wall. When this top sash slides down it then creates a Juliet balcony sash window design for a whole wall window. This dramatically increases the glass to frame ratio of the window and maximises the sea facing views the house benefits from.

Advantages of Aluminium Sash Windows: The Material

A key feature of the minimal windows Sash Window is the aluminium frame. The material of aluminium is what allows this sash window design to achieve the sizes it can and the minimal sightlines. 

The fact of aluminium is that it is highly durable and easy to maintain. This is an advantage over traditional timber sash windows which need ongoing treatment throughout their life.

Using an aluminium frame for the sash window means that it can be finished in any colour. All minimal windows systems can be finished in any RAL colour with a range of specialist metal finishes possible to. This allows the aluminium sash windows to complement the architectural design and pallet of materials.

Overall, the aluminium sash windows from minimal windows offer a high impact design to the glazing specification on a project. For more information on specifying our aluminium sash windows on your project, contact the minimal windows® team today