minimal windows® sliding doors

The minimal windows® premium sliding window and door system creates open, light-flooded living spaces thanks to flush base details and almost frameless profiles. These are not just products – they are a luxury lifestyle. These highly desirable products are exclusively available through IQ Glass in the UK.
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minimal windows®

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Minimal Sightlines - Maximum Views

The exceptionally slim sightlines of the minimal windows® system create a beautifully minimalistic aesthetic to contemporary architectural designs. These elegant frames can be manufactured into luxury sliding glass doors, pivoting windows, guillotine windows and even slim framed sliding windows adding a touch of class and luxury to any project.

One main feature of this system is the ability to hide the outer frames within the wall and ceiling finishes to enhance the minimalistic aesthetic. The aluminium framing can be powder coated in a choice of colours to meet the design requirements of each project.

minimal windows®

KELLER minimal windows® are the premier choice for slim framed luxury sliding glass doors. The 21mm aluminium minimal frame and the flush tracks create an impressive floor to ceiling glass facades of smooth sliding glass is best suited for use on luxury extensions, renovations and contemporary new builds with a modern, minimal design…

minimal windows® 4+

KELLER minimal windows®4+ has the same minimal detailing, slim framing and impressive innovations as KELLER minimal windows® sliding glass doors in a larger, taller and more thermally efficient exterior sliding glass door. Triple glazing within the slim aluminium frame allows a thermal performance of as little as 0.8W/m2K …

minimal pivot windows

The minimal aluminium framing of the minimal windows system has now been adapted to enable it to be used as a slim, architectural pivoting window. The thin aluminium framing can be used to create very large pivoting windows perfect to accompany minimal windows on your project.

guillotine windows

The minimal aluminium framing of KELLERs minimal windows® large sliding glass doors is now available as a large, contemporary guillotine window. This sash windows system includes large horizontal openings.

These windows can be specified up to 6m wide and 12m tall per installation with the minimal aluminium surround framing.