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Alternative options for Slim Framed Sliding Doors

slim framed sliding doors are the architects first choice

Minimally framed sliding door systems are arguably the best solution for getting natural light coming in from maximisation of the glass area.

When opened a minimal amount of door frame is visible. The slides give a fashionable, modern look; a satisfying minimalist aesthetic giving the home a character and a comfortable feel.

This creates a link between the indoor and outdoor living space and can also be merged from the openings. The design options available for these minimal systems have grown exponentially over the years but what if you are looking for a slightly alternative design?

luxury villa with dissapearing glass wall made form swiss descending windows

Do you want an entire wall of glass that disappears?

The minimal windows sliding panes can easily be designed to slide away into hidden pockets within a wall, creating an entire wall of glass that disappears. This configuration needs a wall cavity to slide into and so isn’t suitable for all buildings, however, a new build home of extension can be designed to accommodate this. This is why is is important tog et a glazier involved early on in the project so considerations like these can be factored into the design.

If you are looking for something more dramatic then the Swiss Descending Window may be the system for you. Descending down into a floor cavity, this unique system has an innovative design and advanced glazing technology which offers a real ‘wow’ factor.

Descending Window Systems

The system creates large walls of glass that can disappear within seconds beneath the floor at the press of a button, seems like magic right? Within the descending glass wall, large panes of fixed frameless glass or opening elements such as a slim sliding door can be incorporated. 

This means that you get the ultra-slim, minimalistic design of minimal windows systems with the additional benefit of being able to sink the system into the ground, completely opening up the interior living space and merging it with the outdoor for an indoor-outdoor style of living. 

Curved glass and corner configurations can also be specified with the descending window system. This high-tech system is designed to give a modern and sophisticated look to a building, enhancing the overall design. All surrounding framing can be hidden within the building finishes for a frameless effect, and not to mention the sound level is below 70 db, making it also silent. 

When the facade is fully open the threshold is completely flat, creating a completely smooth transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. 

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minimal windows large aluminium pivot door with fixed sidelights

Pivot Doors

For narrower structural openings, a pivot door may be the perfect alternative to a sliding door. The minimal windows Pivot Door is the first fully tested pivot door on the UK market. Keeping in with the modern design of the minimal windows sliding doors, the pivot door has slim aluminium framing, allowing you to have a minimal system without having to compromise on performance.

Reaching widths of 1.8m and heights of up to 3m, this system is ideal for structural openings that are narrower. Sliding doors are more suited to wide structural openings as this allows each pane to have a higher glass to frame ratio, increasing the thermal performance and views. 

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Vertical Sash Windows

The minimal aluminium framing of the minimal windows® Vertical Sash Window is a large, contemporary vertical sash window. This vertical sliding window system creates large horizontal openings that are ideal for creating striking glass facades, including double-height glazing installations.

This system is a great alternative to double-height sliding glass doors, with triple glazing the system can reach 12m2 per pane. This system can be opened manually or, like our sliding doors, can be specified with motorised control for extreme ease of operation. 

For more information on these systems and how they can be incorporated into your next project, contact the team today.