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minimal windows® by the Coast

When it comes to coastal homes, whether it’s a full time residency or a luxury seaside holiday home, choosing the right glazing can play a huge part in the overall design and functionality of the property.

There are certain advantages to homes by the sea, such as stunning views and fresh air. There is also evidence that living by the coast helps you sleep better and can help improve mental health.

If your home by the sea lacks glazing, that in turn means it also lacks natural light, ventilation and visibility of the outdoors. By incorporating minimal windows high quality aluminium glazing systems into coastal properties, the full potential of the home can be realised. 

two pane aluminium sliding glass doors in a luxury coastal home with clear sea views
two stunning beachfront homes in camber sands with minimal windows slim sliding doors

Panormaic Sea Views

Properties by the sea tend to have stunning views of the beaches, the sea or surrounding cliffs. It would be a shame to not make the most of these breathtaking coastal views.

Our sliding glass doors can reach sizes of up to 12m2 per pane when using the 4+ framing profile and with no limitation on the number of panes, they can be used to create striking glass facades or entire walls of moving glass.

With minimal sightlines from just 21mm, our slim sliding doors provide interior spaces with panoramic, uninterrupted views of the outdoors. Our glazing systems can be utilised to create double height glazing elevations with minimal aluminium framing to ensure views remain unobstructed.

luxury cliffside holiday homes with stunning sea views and minimal windows sliding glass doors
luxury coastal holiday homes nestled into a cliff side with slim sliding doors providing stunning sea views

Marine Grade Polyester Powder Coating

A huge advantage of using aluminium framed glazing is that it has natural rust and corrosion resistant properties. This means it tends to be more durable and require less maintenance than timber or steel.

When glazing is installed on a property in close proximity to the coast, it is important to take into account the high levels of alkaline and moisture in the air, which has the potential to damage glazing frames.

It is recommended that any building within 5 miles of the coast uses a marine grade polyester powder coating. This type of PPC is thicker, offering higher levels of protection to the frame.

minimal windows use marine grade PPC as standard to ensure all our aluminium framed glazing is of the highest quality. With projects where the glazing will be exposed to the harsh sea air, we recommend pre-anodising the frames before the powder coating is applied.

views of the coastal area and sea surrounding this luxury new build home with floor to ceiling aluminium sliding glass doors
aluminium glazing by the coast

Glass Options for Coastal Glazing

Solar control

The sun’s rays are intensified when they reflect off sandy beaches and water, meaning that by the coast the suns rays are stronger. There is also usually less elements to block the sun, unlike in cities where huge buildings provide each other with shade.

It is because of this that many clients specify a solar control coating in their minimal windows systems, to help prevent overheating in the internal living spaces and control solar gain.


Low maintenance

The harsh sea air tends to pick up and carry more deposits and debris, which can land on the external side of the glazing. Using a low maintenance coating on the external side of the outer glass pane creates an extremely smooth surface which makes it difficult for dirt and debris to stick to.

Not only does it prevent dirt from sticking to the glass, it also reduces cleaning times as the smooth surface is extremely easy to wash.

new build home on a west Sussex beach with floor to ceiling minimal windows sliding glass doors and a natural stone exterior
minimal windows sliding glass doors with marine grade aluminium frames on a waterfront luxury home

High Winds and Cold Winters

Strong winds can roll in off the sea and in the winter months this can make coastal areas extremely cold. In these situations, using triple glazed systems with thermally broken aluminium framing, such as our 4+ sliding or pivot door, are ideal.

All of our glazing systems include an insulating argon gas cavity and a low e coating as standard, to ensure heat cannot escape from inside the home.

minimal windows glazing systems are unparalleled in both performance and design, offering outstanding water resistance and thermal insulation whilst maintaining an ultra-minimal design.

holiday home designed to blend into the cliffside with large sliding glass doors o maximise views
floor to ceiling minimal windows sliding glass doors with a stunning sea view by the coast

Biophilic Design

Living by the coast has many benefits, as previously mentioned it can aid in improving mental health, help you sleep better at night and introduce stunning views.

To maximise this, many homeowners opt for a biophilic design inside of their homes. This design style focuses on mimicking nature within the home, to forge a strong connection to the outdoors.

A large part of this is natural light. Increasing the amount of natural light within the home puts the human body in tune with the natural cycle of the sun and helps to regulate the circadian rhythm, which in turn improves sleep.

Using natural materials, such as wood and stone, within the home is also a strong display of biophilic design. This can be having exposed brick walls, wooden flooring or even incorporating decorative house plants.

Many people have pictures of beaches or the sea on their walls, but minimal windows slim framed aluminium glazing can be used to take this one step further. For seafront properties, using our glazing on the sea-facing side of the home can turn the stunning views into a moving piece of art that can be admired from within.

Overall, using minimal windows slim framed glazing systems around the home helps to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

For more information about using minimal windows® by the coast get in touch with the team today.

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