Aluminium Sliding Glass Doors vs
uPVC Sliding Glass Doors

Which one is best for you?

There are some differences between aluminium sliding doors and uPVC sliding glass doors. The first difference being that aluminium framed sliding doors are able to last for many years with no problems due to its robust metal compound. uPVC sliding glass door frames could potentially degrade over the years even though they can have a very long life.

Aluminium sliding doors can be made with a very slim frame as the material itself is very strong. uPVC sliding glass doors on the other hand must have a thick frame due to how weak it is. Having slim frames is more ideal as they allow the maximum amount of light to pass through into the home as well as being more aesthetically pleasing due to the higher ratio of glass to frame.

minimal windows® White Lodge Project including Aluminium Sliding Doors.

Architectural design is constantly changing and so using aluminium for windows and doors, architects can keep up with these changes as they are much more versatile. Clients can choose any RAL colour for the framing on aluminium sliding doors whereas uPVC can only offer a small range of set colours. Aluminium framing can also be curved or arched to fit more contemporary building styles.

minimal windows® Dunloran House Project including Aluminium Sliding Doors.
minimal windows® Cotswolds (Ladlecomb) Project including Aluminium Sliding Doors

A few more facts to help answer the question; which is best uPVC or Aluminum? 

uPVC sliding glass doors can be prone to expansion and contraction with heat, aluminium is much more robust and stable. This is shown in large panels of moving glass such as French doors or bifold doors as the aluminium frames are able to withstand the elements to remain consistent from year to year.

uPVC is also prone to fading over time, when in direct sunlight… So your beautiful new sliding doors may turn ugly sooner than you think given they are bound to be in the sunlight a lot of the time.

After comparing these two sliding doors it is clear to see that aluminium sliding doors are the better option for the aesthetics and longevity of the products in most .

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