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Automated Sliding Door Specification

Automated sliding doors open a huge range of possibilities when considering opening sizes and max leaf sizes.  

Automated sliding doors have various uses that can aid a project and the users needs. For example many people will specify sliding doors if the sliders are too heavy to move comfortably by hand. In the past we have designed and installed sliding doors that are so large that they physically couldn’t be moved by hand! This is where our high-powered concealed motors came in to assist in opening and closing the doors.  

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Automated Sliding Door Sizes

Our glazed sliding door systems may reach remarkable heights of up to 6 metres in a sliding pane, making them some of the largest systems currently on the market.  

Sliding door panes of 10.5 m2 (double glazing) and 18 m2 (triple glazing) may usually be achieved with ease. On application, larger sizes than this are available, beyond the limits of what is practical.  

Floor to ceiling glass walls can be created with the glazed sliding systems, available in heights of up to 6000mm. Taller installations than this have been achieved and can be investigated for you on a project by project basis. 

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Control Options for Automated Sliding Glass Doors

There is a handful of options for operating automated sliding doors.  

The first being the traditional remote control option which allows for simple operation at the push of a button. If an obstruction is in the way of the door then it pauses for several seconds and will try again to close, this action is repeated until the removal of the obstruction making the chance of any damages occurring to the door very minimal.

The second option is to use an app on your mobile phone. This app can be used for both residential and commercial door installations providing an easy to use clear layout. 

A green halo would flash on the app indicating the door is opened permitting an individual to pass through. 

The third option is to integrate the system into your smart home hub. This will most likely be a touch pad-controlled system that can manage your heating, lights and doors etc. With this system you will be able to set times for the doors to open during the day as well as lock the doors when required.  

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Glass Options for Automated Sliding Glass Doors

Every slim sliding door may accommodate a glass unit that is 32–38 mm deep. This permits the majority of glass arrangements in a double-glazed unit. It’s also feasible to install triple glazing!  

The slim sliding door system can be customised with a variety of extra glass coatings or alternatives to provide the best possible performance for your project. 

For projects in coastal conditions, options like solar control coatings and minimal maintenance coatings are preferred. With a variety of pre-designed elements, more sophisticated glass solutions, like heated glass, can also be included in the sliding door system.  

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Benefits of Automated Sliding Doors

The main benefit of automated sliding doors is the freedom to create larger than life sliding door configurations. If sliding doors are configured at larger sizes, they may be uncomfortable to slide manually day-in day-out. This is why you would specify the automation package to ensure the doors are easy to use.  

It can also be useful to automate sliding doors if you want a fully flush interlock with no handle visible. Because the movement of the doors, as well as the locking is all done automatically, there is no need for the ultra slim handle to be installed on your doors. This further reduces sightlines and maximises views.  

For more information on specifying automated sliding doors, contact the minimal windows® team today