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Barlby Road | A Luxury Home In London Listed for over £13 Million

An escape from the busy London streets, the five-bedroom luxury home in London on Barlby Road in North Kensington has a very distinctive style that emphasises raw materials and lighter tones.

For the specification and installation of various glazing systems, minimal windows were contacted. Most notably, our bespoke ultra slim sliding doors that let the living room/kitchen blend seamlessly with the garden. The doors support the back side of the house as a structural element. The glazing must be able to support the weight that is being placed on it as a result of the floor to ceiling design decision.

minimal windows on the ground floor.

When contacting minimal Windows for the specification and installation of various glazing systems, one of the notable products requested was the bespoke ultra-slim sliding doors. These doors were specifically chosen to create a seamless connection between the living room/kitchen area and the garden in the luxury home in London, allowing for a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor spaces.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these minimal Windows doors also serve as a structural element for the luxury home in London, providing support to the back side of the house. Given their floor-to-ceiling design, it is crucial that the glazing used in these doors is capable of supporting the weight imposed on it. The glazing must be strong and durable to withstand the load and ensure the structural integrity of the doors.

minimal windows on the upper floor.

The master bedroom in this luxury home in London features floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that function as windows. These doors provide an expansive view and allow ample natural light into the room. To ensure safety and maintain the aesthetic appeal, a seamless glass balustrade is installed to protect the opening. This creates an interior balcony-like space when the ultra slim sliding doors are open, offering an open and airy atmosphere.

Another notable feature of the home is the interior structural glass wall that separates the upstairs stairs and basement stairs from the main living space. This glass wall not only adds a unique touch to the overall design of the luxury home in London but also serves as a safety measure. It prevents anyone from accidentally falling down or through the staircases, providing a barrier without obstructing the visual connection between different levels of the house. This architectural element combines functionality with an aesthetic appeal, enhancing the overall design and safety of the home.

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