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Integrating a bedroom juliet balcony

Bedroom juliet balcony - A new way to enjoy views.

Natural light in luxury homes highlights the high-end interior design elements. minimal windows® glazing systems provide the ability to increase the natural light, with slim framed systems such as sliding glass doors or the fully first tested pivot door on the market.

These glazing systems can be used like an extension or as oversized glass walls. Both ways improve the living space because natural light creates the illusion of a much larger living space.

minimal windows® manufactures bespoke glazing system for a range of modern designs and projects. One of the systems is a fully frameless bedroom juliet balcony, something now seen in many a home due to their versatility and creative ability. 

Shards frameless balustrades
Treeside bedroom juliet balcony 2

Bedroom Juliet Balcony

Juliet balconies usually have a balustrade installed on the outside of the balcony door. minimal windows® can provide an alternative option, the most modern Juliet balcony with more than one functionality.

The juliet system can be as long as required with no limits on length, it is also as standard 1.1m tall to ensure user safety. A Juliet balcony is a fantastic addition that maximises natural light penetration and offers unobstructed views of the surrounding countryside throughout the year. Frameless structural Juliet balconies blend in quietly and enhance any external facade’s architectural design. 

The glass would need to be designed and tested to meet same requirements as a glass balustrade acting as a balcony barrier, ensuring its suitability for use as a balcony.

Treeside bedroom juliet balcony
The Moorings bedroom juliet balcony

Using a vertical sash window as a bedroom juliet balcony

minimal windows® vertical sash window system has a unique opening style. Vertical sash windows can be double, or triple glazed and the slim aluminium frames provide sightlines from just 21mm for doubled glazed. Maintaining sightlines of 26mm for triple glazed systems. Slim frames provide a clear view without any obstruction.

These large sliding glass windows can reach sizes up to 4m wide, 8.5 m2 per vertical sliding sash for double glazed and 4.5 m wide, 12 m2 per vertical sliding sash for triple glazing. The glass thickness will be between 34mm and 56mm depending on the glass specification. Automation can be specified for a smooth opening in larger sizes.

More glass options are available on request, such as switchable privacy glass, a technical glass solution that offers privacy at the touch of a button. This type of glass is good match for someone who do not want curtains or doesn’t want to disturb the minimal aesthetics of a luxury home. The transparency can be manageable and the glass lets the natural light in during the day, offering privacy at night.

A minimal windows juliet balcony has been specified for one of the luxury hotel bedrooms at The Newt in Somerset. 

To specify your own bedroom juliet balcony, contact the team today here! 

single storey two pane vertical sliding sash window that opens to create a balcony