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Best Applications for the minimal windows® 4+ Framing Profile

Triple glazing and laminated glass have many benefits, but often incur extra costs, so when is it worth the money?

The minimal windows 4+ framing profile has a deeper frame than the standard profile, allowing triple glazing and thicker laminated panes of glass to be incorporated into the design.

The 4+ framing profile is compatible with the minimal windows sliding door and the new and improved pivot door, providing these systems with improved performance levels.

Laminated glass and triple glazing come with many benefits, but also incur additional costs. This article will go through the best applications for the minimal windows 4+ systems and when the benefits will be maximised.

All minimal windows glazing systems are manufactured to have unparalleled performance levels with the most minimal framing. The design process aimed to create glazing that was the epitome of luxury and that is what was achieved.

minimal windows floor to ceiling sliding glass doors that are hurricane impact sliding glass doors
internal views of the glass walls made from floor to ceiling glazing and oversized sliding glass doors

Cold Climates Require High Thermal Performance

Some homes require the glazing to have a certain thermal performance value. This tends to mainly apply to new build homes or homes striving to meet passivhaus status, but thermal performance should be an important consideration with all glazing elevations.

Both the standard minimal windows and minimal windows 4+ aluminium frames are fully thermally broken but only the 4+ can accommodate triple glazing. The 4+ framing profile is deeper, allowing enough room for the extra glass pane and insulating gas cavity.

This means the minimal windows 4+ is an ideal choice for new build homes which have to meet certain thermal requirements.

Thermal performance is also important in cold climates such as countries like Greenland or Switzerland or colder areas of the UK such as the Scottish Highlands.  

Properties by the coast benefit from stunning sea views and great locations but have the disadvantage of the strong winds that roll in from the sea. This means that for coastal properties being able to incorporate triple glazing or laminated panes is important.

We recommend using the 4+ framing profile and triple glazing for properties within a 5 mile radius of the coast.

privacy glass turned on
low iron glass sliding glass doors from minimal windows used around an indoor pool area

Areas That Require Laminated Glass

Privacy Glass

Switchable privacy glass requires a thick laminated pane that contains a liquid crystal interlayer. This means that the minimal windows 4+ are required if this technical glass solution is specified.

This glazing option removes the need for curtains or blinds which may disrupt a minimal and modern aesthetic. Using switchable privacy glass for a minimal windows glazing system gives the glazing elevations a unique wow factor that acts as a functional part of the home design.

Swimming Pool glazing

When specifying poolside glazing, we recommend using laminated glass for the side of the glazing system facing the pool if it is within a 2 metre radius of the water.

The main reason for this is that if the glass were to break, a laminated pane would hold the shattered glass in place, preventing glass shards from entering the pool and injuring anyone or damaging the filtration system.

minimal windows high security pivot door with unique magnetic sealing strip
luxury residential home with pool made form natural materials to blend into the landscape featuring floor to ceiling glazing

Areas Prone to Hurricanes

All minimal windows systems have full weather testing and surpass all regulations for air permeability, water tightness and wind load. However, the minimal windows 4+ is the only systems to have undergone hurricane testing.

The minimal windows 4+ has cyclic wind pressure loading tested to 3510Pa in accordance with TAS 203. This test shows that the system is able to withstand high levels of wind and rain, protecting the internal living spaces.

Hurricane proof sliding glass doors may not be as cost effective as standard sliding glass doors upon first purchase but can help to save money in the long run. Strong winds and water can cause significant damage to property both inside and out.

In areas prone to hurricanes such as the US or the Caribbean, these doors can drastically reduce the costs of damage repair when the strong weather hits.

contemporary home extension on a terraced property in a conservation area in London featuring minimal windows 4+ double height sliding glass doors
luxury new build home featuring multiple minimal windows triple glazed sliding glass doors

Large Glazing Elevations

Using the standard minimal windows framing profile means panes of glass for a sliding door or a pivot door can reach up to 8.5m2. When using the minimal windows 4+ sliding glass doors we can achieve pane sizes of up to 12m2.

Any projects with oversized glazing would therefore benefit from using the 4+ framing profile, including double height glazing. Our Portland Road project is an excellent example of this as the sliding glass doors reach nearly 6m tall.

If a project requires floor-to-ceiling glass doors to create sliding glass walls or if a client desires large glass panes in order to maximise the views and flow of natural light, then the minimal windows 4+ framing profile for sliding glass doors would be best.

For more information about minimal windows® and available frame finishes, get in touch with the team today.

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