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Garage Door to Window Conversion

Maximising living space is becoming ever more popular when developing or renovating homes. With home extensions being priced highly, transforming an unused/underused garage space is the ideal solution.

A garage allows for a practical space to be transforming into a dream home gym/ entertainment space or functional office.

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How can glazing be used for garage conversions?

Glazing can help transform a garage conversion by providing a great deal of light into the space while offering unique entrance and exit solutions. The most common glazing systems used in garage conversions are ultraslim minimal windows sliding doors, fixed glazing and casement door/window configurations.

Open corner sliding doors are a great solution to open a large portion of the conversion, improving ventilation and ease of access. This will allow for a wrap-around façade which will provide exceptional thermal performance and clear views.

The open corner sliding configuration can also be specified with a pocket door to create an even larger opening size. This will allow for an even greater connection to the outdoors and will allow for the option to open just the pocket door for a unique entrance option into the conversion.

Garage door to window conversion.

When creating a new space in a garage, the large garage door that provides little thermal performance allows for the perfect opportunity to create a garage door to window conversion. These doors can be replaced with various glazing systems, the most common being fixed glass panes or sliding doors.

This conversion can also be completed with a bespoke vertical sliding sash window. This installation would be on a relatively small scale but would provide a statement glazing system which would be completely unique and allow for a huge variety of opening configurations if paired with sliding doors etc.

Glazing performance and details.

The minimal windows sliding door systems have exceptional thermal performance with high functionality and quality of life features. A typical sliding system from minimal windows will provide Uw values of 1.1-1.2 with a maximum sliding pane area of 12m2. Our systems are also PAS24 tested and can be powder coated in any RAL colour that suits the project.

For more information about our sliding doors, contact the team today! If you are interested in a garage door to window conversion, then do not hesitate to contact us.