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Glass room extensions with minimal windows

Glass room extensions allow for the ideal space to host gatherings, relax and enjoy your garden space while still being sheltered from the weather. Glass extensions have can serve a variety of purposes and can be designed to be fully bespoke, suiting all types of needs and desires.

Glass room extensions can also have various types of glazing systems integrated within them. For example, ultra slim sliding doors can be installed as a vast opening option for easy garden access during the summer and full thermal security during the winter. Casement doors and windows can also be specified.

When it comes to meeting your practical and aesthetic needs, sliding doors are undoubtedly one of the most versatile options. They let in as much natural light as possible into your home while offering stunning, uninterrupted views with very little visible frame. Aluminium sliding doors offer a sleek, contemporary look thanks to its simple design.

The benefits of glass room extensions.

Glass extensions carry several benefits such as:

Increased Natural Light in the Home: The enormous increase in natural light that enters the home due to the large volume of glass is one of the key benefits that influences the specifications of glass room extensions.

A Greater Connection to the Outside: Glass additions typically offer a greater extension to the outside because of the abundance of glazing. This is an easy method to enjoy a garden area without leaving the comforts of your house; in the summer, it will make the move from indoors to outdoors effortless.

Increased Living Space: Naturally, an addition will increase the amount of living space in a house. These add-ons are ideal for expanding dining areas, living rooms, and even kitchens.

Enhanced Property Value: A property’s value will increase with several additions and upgrades. A home’s worth will rise with the addition of glass room extensions since the interior and floor area will expand. It also opens the oppitunity to create a new area of the home such as a home entertainment space or home gym, further increasing home value. 

Bespoke Design Options: Customising a glass room addition to meet any needs or specifications is another fantastic advantage. Glass box extensions can be any size or shape, and they can incorporate narrow sliding doors of any size or arrangement. The possibilities are endless.

These reasons often influence the design and specification of glass box extensions. With our in house design team, we can design bespoke sliding systems for your glass extension.

Integrating minimal windows ultra-slim sliding doors into glass room extensions.

Minimal windows sliding doors are the ideal system to specify when designing a bespoke extension. With an unlimited track number, exceptional thermal performance and 21mm sightlines, the sliding doors can elevate an extension to provide easy outdoor access.

Sliding doors from minimal windows can be designed to be left or right sliding, bi-parting, pocket sliding or open corner sliding. This variation of opening types ensure that the system can cater to the design and functional needs of the project.

Glass room extensions featuring slim sliding doors.

Yew Tree House

In Upper Oddington, Moreton-in-Marsh, the owners of this Grade II listed home desired a more expansive living area and to make the most of the views of the surrounding countryside. In order to expand the kitchen on the garden side of the house, Jonathan Tuckey construct and Eastabrook Architects worked together to construct a contemporary glass room extension to the listed property.

A pivot door was integrated into this glass wall with an ultra-slim sliding glass door combined with the glass box on the returning face of the listed home glass extension. Structural glass façade was utilised on two sides of the listed building glass extension. The renovated living area of the historic brick Grade II Listed building now has a contemporary appearance thanks to all of the installations.

yew tree glass room extensions
yew tree winter garden room

White House

In place of a very dark and inconvenient space that was connected to the garden, the highly glazed extension was erected to create a light, modern kitchen and dining facilities on the ground level. With contemporary accents like a pink colour scheme, a tabletop, and kitchen counters, a distinct and distinct area is established from the rest of the house. Timber timbers, brass, and reeded glass are also utilised.

Open corner configuration sliding glass doors and structural glazing in the extension sourced the main natural light in the space and the indoor and outdoor spaces of the extension fully merged.

white house glass room extensions
white house interior glass room extensions

Malbrook Road

This rear glass room extension and renovation, created by Tigg+Coll Architects, makes use of the renowned minimal windows® slender framed sliding glass doors.  The current semi-detached Victorian home was expanded with a small contemporary addition to accommodate the homeowners’ evolving lifestyle.

The highly appealing thin vertical sightlines on display allow the minimal windows® slim framed sliding doors to “disappear” into the wall finishes, providing unobstructed views of the garden. The renowned RAL 7016 powder coating has been applied to the sightlines.  In keeping with the main house’s style, a flush brick framing was employed to highlight the threshold elements.

If you would like to get started specifying your bespoke glass room extensions, contact the team here.

Malbrook glass room extensions
Malbrook night glass room extensions