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minimal windows® smart system

Living – comfortable all round

The Keller minimal windows® slim frame sliding doors are a favourite amongst architects and interior designers as they portray sophistication in modern design. The minimal details of the slim framing allow a maximum amount of natural light to flow through living spaces effortlessly, opening up areas to appear larger. 

The high specification minimal windows® system comes with the minimal windows® smart system which is used to control and operate the automated sliding doors, electromagnetic locks, automated blinds and glass breakage sensors.

High Specification minimal windows® System

There are three different device options to choose from to control the minimal windows® system which will depend on your client’s needs.  The remote control for minimal windows® is a handheld transmitter with up to six channels, this controls the minimal windows® system alone.  Option 2 is the Keller app which can be downloaded via your smartphone or tablet device, this option has a clear layout with status feedback and an easy to use interface which is connected using Bluetooth.  The third option is the only option which must be in a centralised location and uses WLAN to connect as it is an integrated user management system.  It is the most popular of the three systems as it can control other elements of the building through the same system i.e. lighting, blinds, heating etc…

Dormers, Henley-on-Thames, Guillotine Windows

IQ Glass UK installed these installations of Keller minimal windows® and are the sole UK installer for KELLER minimal windows®. If you’re planning your own project and require minimally framed sliding glass doors contact IQ Glass UK for more information.

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