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Oversized Sliding Glass Doors

Oversized sliding glass doors can be utilised to create entire walls of moving glass or be installed into double height spaces, allowing in a vast amount of natural light whilst maximising views of the outdoors.  

As with any bespoke glazing system, there are always factors that need to be considered such as performance values and glazing options.  

This article will help ensure you are fully prepared when discussing oversized sliding doors with your glazier.

double height slim sliding glass doors in a renovated barn in Scotland
oversized slim sliding glass door in Midlands

What Is the Largest Sliding Glass Door Size?

When it comes to maximum sizes, this depends on a few factors such as the wind load the system needs to be able to achieve.  

The maximum sizes for our system are not actually the maximum, this is just the maximum sizes in order to achieve the stated performance values.  

For example, our Portland Road project in London has a minimal windows® oversized sliding glass door that reaches nearly 6m tall. This goes over the maximum tested size but as the door is located in an area with low wind loading and was sheltered by surrounding buildings, the larger size was possible.  

Wind posts can be used for taller oversized sliding glass doors to help improve the wind load, and our 4+ framing profile can be used with a double glazed used to allow a larger gas cavity for deflection of the glass.  

large contemporary extension with sliding glass pocket doors
benefits of external pocket doors

How Much Do Oversized Sliding Glass Doors Weigh?

Factors such as the framing profile and glass specification can impact the weight of the system, so this need to be calculated on a project by project basis.  

minimal windows® oversized sliding glass doors have been tested to 8.5m2 for a double glazed system, 12m2 for a triple glazed system and 18m2 for a fixed pane. 

IQ Glass UK are the sole UK supplier of minimal windows, and their newly renovated glazing showroom has multiple minimal windows systems on show. This includes an automated sliding pane that is 6.5m tall and weighs 1.2 tonnes.  

However, weight doesn’t have to be an issue as our sliding door systems can be specified as automated oversized sliding glass doors. This means that even sliding panes that weigh a tonne (literally) can be opened and closed with ease at the push of a button.  

The automated sliding glass doors can be controlled by a wall switch or integrated with smart home automation systems. 

double height oversized slim sliding doors with ultra-minimal framing
huge tall oversized sliding glass doors in a luxury London townhouse

Performance of Oversized Sliding Glass Doors

Oversized sliding glass doors tend to achieve better thermal performance values, which many people don’t realise. This is because the glass is the best performance part of a sliding glass door, and the higher glass to frame ratio   

All Uw values need to be calculated on a project by project basis as the size of the oversized sliding glass door and glass specification will affect this.  

Our minimal windows 4+ triple glazed system has been tested to 12m2 per sliding pane and up to this size can achieve: 

  • Uw values as low a 0.8W/m2K 
  • Water resistant testing E1050 to EN12208, tested with 3.4 litres/ m² / min to TAS 202 
  • Resistance to wind load C5 to EN12210, tested to +/- 4500Pa wind pressure to TAS 202 
  • Acoustic reduction of Rw (C; Ctr) up to 43dB (1-;-5) 
  • Hurricane resistance cyclic wind pressure loading tested to 3510Pa in accordance to TAS 203 

These performance values are not always required, and so depending on the project larger sizes can be specified. Our team will work closely with the architect on the job to ensure all performance requirements are met.  

aluminium glazing
three-pane slim sliding door with marine grade aluminium framing

Design Options for Oversized Sliding Glass Doors

Glazing Options 

Aside from the choice of specifying a double or triple glazed oversized sliding glass door, we can also offer a wide range of technical glazing solutions. This includes solar control glass, low maintenance glass and electric glazing options such as heated glass 

Our glazing experts will be able to advise you on the best glazing solution for your specific project, as we’re always looking to push the boundaries of architectural glazing. 


Frame Finishes 

With oversized sliding glass doors, the glass does tend to be the star of the show. However, that doesn’t mean that the frame finish shouldn’t be carefully considered.  

Our framing profiles can be finished with a PPC in a choice of over 200 RAL colours, anodized or specified with special finishes such as timber effect 

If the oversized sliding glass doors will be located in a marine environment, we may recommend pre-anodising the frame and then applying a PPC for added protection and durability.  


Base and Drainage Options 

Oversized sliding glass doors don’t need a chunky outer frame, and even with doors spanning 8m wide or 6m tall, a completely flush threshold can still be achieved.  

Thanks to the shallow base recess the system is certified for barrier-free accessibility under DIN 18040-1 and DIN 18040-2. 

Integrated drainage is available for any of the base options, with a range of drainage options available to suit every climate.  



For oversized sliding glass doors, if the sliding panes exceed 500kg per pane then he would highly recommend specifying the system with automation. 

Our large automated sliding doors have a variety of control options including integration with smart home automation systems.  

floor to ceiling sliding glass doors - oversized sliding glass doors
minimal windows 4+ triple glazed oversized sliding glass doors by an indoor pool in a luxury home in the countryside

How Much Is a Large Sliding Glass Door?

There are many cost factors for slim sliding doors including size, frame finish, glass spec, technical glazing options, automation, base and drainage system. 

As our oversized sliding glass doors are so bespoke and there are so many design options, it is difficult to give even a rough cost per m2, the best thing to do is contact the team who will be able to gather some information and use this to give a rough budget cost.  

If you send drawings of the project to our team they will be able to provide you with a rough budget cost before creating a detailed quotation. 


For more information on oversized sliding glass doors, contact the team today.