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The latest minimal windows updates

What’s new with the sliding door system from minimal windows?

The minimal windows sliding glass system has recently been provided with various updates including new sliding options and new locking systems. The updates have maintained the beautifully slim aluminium frames that these sliding doors are well-known for. As well as offering outstanding beauty and high performance, the minimal windows system (available exclusively from IQ Glass in the UK) has recently been provided with several new elements that we will detail within this blog.

corner opening sliding glass doors


The minimal windows sliding door system has always been known for its versatility in design and configurations, it can be designed to be corner opening, as a Juliet balcony and even with a pocket door. However, now these sliding doors can also be designed as a multi-corner sliding door. This allows us to create a 90-degree corner connection from the glass between inside and out.

Corner-opening design is not limited to a single corner of a building’s perimeter, for buildings that not simply square, the minimal windows sliding glass doors can be installed as 2,3,4 and sometimes, even more, to follow the contours of the building.

Due to some structural limitations, such as load bearing walls that stop sliding doors from being able to slide internally, the minimal windows system can now be designed to slide externally to create a corner opening with sliding doors stacked to the outside of the property.

corner sliding doors travel diagram

base tracks

It’s not just the configuration that has been updated, the sliding doors now also have several new base track options. These include up to four colour options for the integrated drainage from IQ Glass, this drainage system can be finished in either Champagne, Titanium, Black and the standard GT Silver.

For these sliding glass doors, there is also a new ‘Freeway base’ which achieves a completely flat threshold between the base tracks and the external floor finish. Resulting in a beautifully seamless transition between the indoor and the outdoor environments.

To find out more about these new updates, contact a member of the team who will be able to provide you with further technical information and a product information sheet. You can also read an online article on Culture South West which discusses these updates..