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Window Opening Types

Windows are a key aspect of any home and provide much more than ventilation and viewing opportunities. When deciding what type of window is correct for a project it is important to consider various things such as:

  • Window opening types.
  • Type of glass.
  • Thermal performance needed.
  • Project theme/style.

These things taken into consideration; it is paramount that all window opening types are considered to ensure that the right one is selected.

What are the various window opening types?

Aside from structural windows and fixed windows, some windows require an opening configuration. The types of window openings and pros and cons of them are as follows:

Windows with Hinged openings (Casement Windows)

This is the most common type of window opening seen in many homes around the UK. Windows with hinged openings are commonly operated via a twist handle which activates the locking system to allow the window to be pushed open.


  • Easy to use.
  • Simple system
  • Great weather resistance
  • Double or triple glazing available


  • Can be bulky.
  • Minimal opening types
  • Does not allow for substantial openings


Tilt and Turn Windows (Casement Windows)

Tilt and turn windows are a variation of casement windows that offer an opening type that allows for ventilation opposed to viewing. Tilt and turn windows open inwards (this is the most common configuration) and allow for a great deal of ventilation, while providing more privacy especially is the glass is frosted.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple system
  • Great for ventilation
  • Double or triple glazing available (This goes for all window opening types on this list)


  • Not great for viewing
  • Weight of the window pulling on hinges..
  • Can be hard to clean.


Pivot Windows

Pivot windows are a great modern option for a window system. They also act as exceptional door systems which allow for large and unique openings. Pivot windows are easy to use and act on one simple pivot point. The minimal windows pivot system features a magnetic base seal for full weather resistance.


  • Easy to use.
  • Large sizes.
  • Great for ventilation.
  • Simple cleaning process.
  • Great weather resistance.


  • Can be more expensive.
  • Larger sizes can be more difficult to operate.


Sash Windows

Sash windows are a growing architectural trend which can offer vast opening sizes and a great statement glazing system. Sash windows are often vertically opening and closing and are often operated with a button system which is connected to the mechanism which lifts and drops the opening sash. The majority of people would imagine sash windows to be timber framed and single glazed as they were when they became popular in the 1900’s. Due to the modern advancements, double height walls and facades can now be made using only our steel/ aluminium framed sash windows.  


  • Sleek and modern.
  • Can be very large.
  • Automated
  • Statement glazing system.


  • Expensive
  • Has to be automated.
  • Difficult to integrate into smaller projects.


Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the most versatile system that offers both access functionality and window functionality. A slim framed sliding door system can provide great views, light transmittance and access options which can transform a project and push it into the modern age.


  • An extensive variety of configurations
  • Great thermal performance
  • Minimal sightlines
  • Varied functionality
  • Can increase the value of a project drastically (Seen as an investment)


  • More expensive than any other window type
  • Longer lead times.

Window opening types available from minimal windows.

For casement doors and windows, the only UK supplier of minimal windows IQ Glass, can be contacted here.

On the other hand, Pivot windows and doors, sash windows and sliding doors are all available as part of the minimal windows product range.

Slim Framed Pivot Door

The minimal windows Pivot Door is the first fully tested pivot door on the market. The aluminium pivot door has undergone extensive testing and is designed for use as a door. It also has a thin thermally broken profile.

For expected performance, the system has a unique magnetic weather seal at the base.

Very large pivoting doors can be made using our specifically built thin aluminium framing profiles, which are the ideal complement to other minimalist window systems on a project. With a flush base track when the pivot doors are open, and a minimal surrounding frame you can expertly recreate the appearance of the minimal windows sliding glass doors in a pivoting design.

Sash Windows

The minimal windows® immense sliding glass doors’ minimal aluminium framing is now available as a sizable, modern vertical sash window.

Large horizontal openings produced by this vertical sliding window system are perfect for building eye-catching glass facades, including double-height glazing installations. Sash windows are a glazing option that architects and project owners are requesting more frequently. They make it possible to totally open up a space, giving the ideal setting for blending indoor and outdoor living.

Ultra Slim Framed Sliding Doors

Thanks to flush base features and nearly frameless profiles, premium sliding glass doors and windows open up living spaces and let in an abundance of light.

The world’s best high-end sliding door system is minimal windows®. The performance, ergonomics, and design of the modern sliding door have all been developed with high specification projects in mind. All technologies are incorporated into the thin aluminium framing to create a door system that combines performance and aesthetics.

window opening types

Specification details for the minimal windows systems.

Pivot doors

The pivot door for minimal windows has a hold open and self-closing mechanism built into the head framing for convenience, especially when the window is made in large sizes. To resemble the appearance of the minimum windows sliding doors, an ergonomic two point thrust lever locking mechanism is built into the pivot window’s opening edge.

All drainage is built into the base of the pivot door’s minimum windows, allowing for a flush threshold when the door is opened. An appropriate base detail for water resistance and water run-off direction is created by a stainless steel blade drain and sub base neoprene drainage block force.

Sash Windows

The minimal Vertical Sash window with the smallest aluminium surround framing can be specified up to 4.5m wide. The opening’s potential height is dependent on its breadth, with each vertical sliding part having a maximum accessible size of 12 m 2 (m2).

Due to their ability to slide open at the centre, vertical sash windows are an excellent addition to any modern architectural design.

These vertical sliding windows feature excellent levels of thermal insulation, solar protection, and transparency because of the complete thermal break inside the frame and the high-quality glazing utilised. You can choose from a variety of glass selections to get the performance you require.

Slim Framed Sliding Doors

The vast luxury sliding glass doors include invisible, built-in technologies to ensure smooth sliding in addition to the ideal minimalist design of the narrow framed sliding glass doors.

To ensure excellent performance and stunning floor-to-ceiling sliding glass facades, KELLER minimal windows® come standard with stainless steel rails in the base, a solid neoprene hidden drainage block, integrated stainless steel carriages, and discrete and accessible locking handles.

This high security sliding door system received its PAS 24 certification after being tested in a two-pane configuration at the Rosenheim Institute in Germany.

For more information, contact the minimal windows team today!